Breema's emphasis is on establishing body-mind connection.
One of the principal causes of tension, fatigue, and poor health is the lack of harmonious connection between our body, mind, and feelings. When you receive Breema bodywork, you can quickly experience a profound change in your level of energy and vitality. Your body becomes more relaxed, your mind clearer, and your emotions calmer. Practicing even one Self-Breema exercise a day supports a similar movement towards body-mind connection, which is the foundation of real health.
Doing Self-Breema helps body, mind and feelings to work together.
Try this simple Self-Breema to relax the face and eyes and soothe your nervous system.

To experience the full benefit of Self-Breema, you need to learn it from a certified Breema practitioner. The Breema Clinic offers a weekly Self-Breema class as well as personal Self-Breema instruction as part of each Breema session.
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Every Wednesday morning with Jon Schreiber

Jon portaitJon Schreiber presents Breema at the Science and Non-Duality Conference
Wed. Oct 20
San Rafael
, CA
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This conference brings leading presenters of consciousness studies, science, and the arts together to explore, discuss, and experience many ways that can guide us to live with understanding of our fundamental unity.
Dr. Schreiber, director of the Breema Clinic, will lead an experiential pre-conference workshop, emphasizing practical steps we can take to unify the energies of mind, body, and feelings to become present. The philosophy and principles of Breema address the essential nature of life, the deeper meaning of health and how to actualize it, and the means of gaining practical, self-verified knowledge that can lead to an understanding of our unique potential as human beings.. more
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A profound catalyst for real health and  harmonious living.

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September's principle is

No Force
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