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LYING ON A THICKLY PADDED CARPET, receiving stretches and holds and leans from my Breema practitioner, I experience a deep sense of trust and contentment. She starts by holding my feet, the firm yet gentle weight of her hands encouraging me to "let go," and she continues with a series of supported and flowing movements up the rest of my body. No effort is required of me, yet the movements have a mutual give-and-take of body weight, a naturally rhythmic flow, and an unexpected variety.

As the session continues, it's as if a part of me that I've been struggling with quiets down, and I'm completely at home in myself. I have a receptivity that seems to bypass my usual thinking mind. I experience my body not as something separate from my mind, but as an integral aspect of my whole self that offers grounding, openness, and clarity.

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"I can let go of things that I didn't even know I was holding on to."

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