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Dear Readers,
This site contains links to my archived newsletters. You can read about various studies I have conducted, marketing issues, research issues, and some general musings. I hope you find it interesting!
  • November 2013 NL  (11/7/2013)
  • Can marketing contribute to conflict resolution and peace?
    Older Americans are online--don't count them out.
  • October 2013 NL  (10/8/2013)
  • Entrepreneurship--examine all sides of the opportunity before you embark. Small sample sizes--when and when not to use.
  • September 2013 NL  (8/30/2013)
  • Icelandic marketing--both positive and reverse marketing; Marketing Arc--planning for success
  • July 2013 NL  (7/2/2013)
  • Professionalism in communications and the arts; Balkanization of America--are there 2 Americas?
  • June 2013 NL  (6/4/2013)
  • The uproar about the new Cheerios commercial; and insights on Gen Y
  • May 2013 NL  (4/30/2013)
  • How the former CEO of JC Penney failed from lack of research; the latest on mobile advertising
  • April 2013 NL  (4/8/2013)
  • How my company name was hijacked; the good the bad and the ugly about entrepreneurship
  • March 2013 NL  (3/4/2013)
  • How corporate culture impacts your brand. Are we getting value from our government?
  • February 2013 NL  (2/8/2013)
  • Review of selected Super Bowl ads--it's all about supporting the brand. Lifelong learning is critical to staying relevant.
  • January 2013 NL  (1/7/2013)
  • Brainstorming can be dangerous; read about the biggest marketing failures in the past few years. Then read about niche marketing, and how to be prepared for it.
  • November-December 2012 NL  (11/16/2012)
  • Services marketing is, in many ways, similar to product marketing--read how. The election pointed out the importance of demographics--you can run but you can't hide.
  • September 2012 NL  (9/6/2012)
  • Technology--you can't live with it and you can't live without it!
    Secondary research--a very cost effective way to begin your investigation.
  • Final Aug 2012 NL  (8/2/2012)
  • How the Olympics "brand" has evolved.
    Changing old--and negative--attitudes is the hardest thing to do.
  • June 2012 NL  (6/7/2012)
  • Consumerism and Democracy define the American "brand,' and distinguish it from all others.
    Is Education an investment in communal advancement, or an individual expense?
  • May 2012 Pres ltr  (5/7/2012)
  • Is the world really one big global marketplace, in which one campaign can be replicated by simple translation?
    What is the difference between customer service and customer focus?
  • Jan 2012 NL  (1/6/2012)
  • Learn why Sears was just about the only retailer to have a lackluster Christmas season. Employee research can uncover some things you didn't know, and may not want to.
  • April 2012 NL  (4/5/2012)
  • Personal Branding--learn what Stedman Graham has to say about it. Sales lessons from the Girl Scouts.
  • March 2012 NL  (3/11/2012)
  • Marketers should never make the mistake of talking down to their audiences, nor talking above their heads. Are you thinking about going solo with a consulting practice?
  • Feb 2012 NL  (2/3/2012)
  • How deep does your data analysis need to be? Why is it important to be involved in a professional organization?
  • November 2011 NL  (11/4/2011)
  • Pay attention to what your body language is communicating--it could foil all your efforts to succeed. Social media is a two-way communication, so listen and learn!
  • October 2011 NL  (10/5/2011)
  • Success begins with awareness; if your target audience doesn't know you/your product exists, they won't buy it. Optimize your brand positioning and brand image through research.
  • September 2011 NL  (9/7/2011)
  • Marketing and sales are often lumped together organizationally; some people equate the two, but in fact, they are quite different. You don't have to spend a fortune to find out what your market or your staff is thinking.
  • August 2011 NL  (8/5/2011)
  • New product development is the life blood of most enterprises--do it right or waste a lot of resources. Guest contributor Randi Busse writes about customer feedback.
  • July 2011 NL  (7/5/2011)
  • Professionals can stay fresh by adhering to the 3 Rs: Recharge, Reconnect, and Reinvent; What happens when technology overtakes marketing tactics--or vice versa?
  • June 2011 NL  (6/2/2011)
  • Learn how the success of marketing Father's Day was so different from that of Mother's Day; How can even small businesses break through the communications clutter?
  • May 2011 NL  (5/6/2011)
  • Mother's Day is a marketing triumph, but not what its originator had in mind. Business-to-business marketing is not so different from consumer-aimed marketing.
  • April 2011 NL  (4/8/2011)
  • The 2010 Census show that we are more diverse than ever, and marketers need to know how to reach more ethnic groups. Green marketing has made some inroads, but marketers must be smart about how they go about it.
  • March 2011 NL  (3/3/2011)
  • Marketers must find the "sweet spot" for their customers or their marketing campaigns may be doomed. Those who value employees not only do themselves a favor, but do customers and communities a favor.
  • Feb 2011 NL  (2/7/2011)
  • Targeting your audience is as important in research design as it is in marketing program design. Recent events have taught us how important it is to actively listen to people on social media.
  • Jan 2011 NL  (1/4/2011)
  • A review of some of the worst marketing mistakes of 2010, and advice on strategic networking.
  • Dec 2010 NL  (12/2/2010)
  • Everything is marketing--even historical events, and a review of an interesting program on multi-cultural marketing--all important in 21st century America.
  • Nov 2010 NL  (11/4/2010)
  • Communication is King--but someone forgot to tell the White House! My take on what they should have done. On a completely different note, which is better, tasteless marketing or no marketing?
  • Oct 2010 NL  (10/5/2010)
  • Employees are an important part of a company's marketing and branding strategy--how to make that happen. Read how Matt Weiner blew the market research scenes in "Mad Men."
  • Sept 2010 NL  (9/2/2010)
  • Choices for research methodology may need to change with the times, even for sensitive subjects. Planning is critical for a successful research project, as it is for so many things.
  • August 2010 NL  (8/5/2010)
  • Read about the fourth "P" in marketing and how it impacts your brand. Speaking of brands, how is your "personal brand?"
  • July 2010 NL  (7/8/2010)
  • What happens to brand image when corporate management is irresponsible? How has technology impacted qualitative research?
  • June 2010 NL  (6/2/2010)
  • The strategy of social media like Twitter is discussed, and Gregg Goodman offers the second part of why business plans, and the process that creates them, is so important.
  • May 2010 NL  (5/4/2010)
  • An updated report on Boomer attitudes toward retirement and other things is featured; Gregg Goodman of Goodman Strategies tells us the importance of writing a business plan.
  • April 2010 NL  (4/1/2010)
  • Chefs and cooks tell us what is important to them on the job; We discuss the flaws in online sampling
  • March 2010 NL  (3/2/2010)
  • Working moms are an important segment that marketers ignore or dismiss at their peril; Guest columnist Carol Greenwald tells us why "the dog always wins."
  • Feb 2010 NL  (2/2/2010)
  • We discuss the important women's market and how it has changed; followed by Target Marketing: Five Things To Know
  • Jan 2010 NL  (1/5/2010)
  • More about online research and how to manage the process; and a question not often asked--what are you getting out of social media?
  • Dec 2009 NL  (12/6/2009)
  • It's "back to the future" when it comes to banking; Community Banks have survived and are updating their communications. Read about the dangers of outsourcing and how to avoid a nightmare.
  • Nov 2009 NL  (11/4/2009)
  • What did we learn about how footwear retailers are helping consumers feel more comfortable? What are the risks of leasing or franchising your brand?
  • OCT 2009 NL  (10/6/2009)
  • Is dentistry an art or a science? What are the top ten mistakes companies make when conducting marketing research, and how can they avoid them? What interesting meetings are taking place this month?
  • SEP 2009 NL  (9/1/2009)
  • Is the recession receding? How can businesses avoid disaster in a recession? How can virtual networking help? And what's coming up in organizations and meetings?
  • AUG 2009 NL  (8/4/2009)
  • We discuss "Do-It-Yourself Research: The ACDT Syndrome" and Networking; also some upcoming events
  • JN-JL 2009 NL  (6/30/2009)
  • This newsletter features "Marketing Research ROI: Investment Or Merely An Expense" as well as a discussion of the importance of Secondary Research.
  • May 2009  (5/5/2009)
  • Read about the continued strength of The Brand, and the use of Online Research for Publicity
  • April 2009  (4/7/2009)
  • Read about the importance of Public Relations and a new survey about Optimists and Pessimists
  • March 2009  (3/5/2009)
  • Read about B-to-B branding and some of the intricacies of Online Surveys
  • February 2009  (2/3/2009)
  • Read about the importance of Customer Retention and results of our survey on Trends and Fads
  • January 2009  (1/6/2009)
  • Read about the difference between Trends and Fads, and Generational Marketing
  • December 2008  (12/2/2008)
  • Barack Obama is one of the astounding Brand stories to come along in years; read about Obama the Brand and about Marketing Value in this economic environment
  • November 2008  (11/4/2008)
  • Read about our recent work concerning websites that supplement High School science classes; and about Health Services Marketing
  • October 2008  (10/1/2008)
  • Read more about Survey Sampling and cell phones; and "Blogging For Dollars"
  • September 2008  (9/1/2008)
  • We introduce our recent alliance with K Bridge for conducting research internationally; and about a recent study that tested attributes for a healthcare product
  • July 2008  (7/9/2008)
  • Our recent trip to Ireland led to observations about Tourism Marketing; also learn about marketing products that may not be so good for you; and about Research For Ink
  • June 2008  (6/6/2008)
  • Observations about D-Day (World War II) and the ultimate impact by the Greatest Generation; also more on brand image research and marketing "end-of-life" decisions to baby boomers
  • May 2008  (5/8/2008)
  • Our take on customer relations as a result of a nasty plane trip to Chicago; also some branding work and a study for an e-commerce company
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