Living In A Make Believe World

Is it the economy?  Or something closer to the heart?
February 29,  2012



The Gallup organization reported today that"Registered voters rate the economy as the most important issue to their 2012 presidential vote, followed by unemployment, the federal budget deficit, and the 2010 healthcare law. Social issues rank as the least important issue."


Listening to the political analysts, pollsters, and the people after each Republican Primary, and the latest campaign rhetoric of our current President, you would think the only problems in America that need to be addressed are the economic and political problems. Whether it is unemployment, the nation's incomprehensible debt, the cost of energy independence, entitlements, the growth of government, healthcare, defense, taxes, et al, we have become so obsessed with our economic navel that we fail to ask the most important questions, the solutions to which are fundamental to any hope for our children's future.

Electing a Conservative Republican 
If, by electing a republican who is committed to serious job creation, restoring energy exploration, doing away with dependence on foreign oil, removing Obamacare, trimming entitlements, lowering taxes, restoring confidence amongst job creators, balancing the budget, strengthening our defenses, and start paying down the debt... will everything be just fine in America?  It will not.

While we may make great progress in restoring sound fiscal policy and confidence in our ability to affect our financial future, which is certainly needed, we will still be in danger of ignoring the endemic issues that will destroy us.

Education, marriage, disorders, and addictions 


Will we continue to warehouse our children in a notoriously failed system that leaves them poorly educated, disheartened and unprepared to succeed in life and an occupation of their choice?  How about the drug problem? Will it magically go away?  And what about marriage and the family? Will we redefine these God ordained institutions meant to bless the natural union of men and women and provide a foundation for the wellbeing of our children to mollify the dysfunctional behaviors, disorders, and demands of an angry and intolerant minority? 

Violence, divorce, and sexual perversions  

Will criminal acts of violence towards women and children, pornography, and the increasing sex trafficking business - all of which our love affair with 'freedom of expression' has created - go away?  What about the growing number of sex offenders, and pedophiles living amongst us in greater numbers, and the destroyed lives and families their repetitive acts leave in the wake of misguided judges?

What about increasing incest, molestation, teen pregnancy, alcoholism and absentee fathers; children with mothers and fathers on drugs; so called 'no fault' divorce that further enables irresponsible behaviors?  What about school and work place shootings, and the safety of our children? 

Strongholds of the flesh 


The issues in America that must be addressed and resolved are not simply the economic matters so easily discussed by our President and Candidates for President. They are moral issues having to do with the lusts of the flesh, the lusts of the eye, and the pride of life, issues that if not acknowledged, and addressed honestly by our spiritual and political leaders, will lead to the certain destruction of the nation, hinder the gospel and propel the world into greater darkness, depravity, and bondage. We cannot continue our endemic denial of these fundamental truths:  

  • The truth that a moral God exists to whom we are accountable
  • That men are by nature, sinful, fallen creatures, autonomous in their own minds, and under the deception of the Prince of the power of the air
  • We are by nature, self serving, self absorbed, and by that nature, in denial about our condition, and as a result...
  • Unwilling to recognize, and embrace the 'eternal rules of order and right' that are meant for our blessing, joy, and fulfillment.

These truths are the foundation blocks of America, and serve as the bulwark of our strength, at home and abroad. Departing from them by denying them in our executive, legislative and judicial deliberations has brought us to the edge of calamity. Our failure to acknowledge them must be recognized as such, and corrected by we the people and our elected officials.

Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit saith the LORD


Until we repent as individuals, humble ourselves as a nation, recognize the source of our blessings, and truly place ourselves, our communities, and the nation, "under God" as we say in our pledge, America will continue to plunge backward into the violence, poverty, incivility, and slavery found in godless nations of the past and present. If we fail to do so, we will implode in utter ruin and despair sooner than we all think possible. No amount of money, government programs, or personal wealth can deliver us from these strongholds in American life.

Until He returns


Eisenhower Futue of this nationOur responsibility as sincere followers of Christ, citizens of both heaven and earth, is to renew our commitment to follow Him in word and deed, selecting good and godly men and women to represent us through the ballot box and at all levels of civil government. Men and women who know the truth and will not bow the knee to the god of this world and his plan to destroy the memory of the Living God amongst us all.

David Crowe

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Restore America


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