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June 2012
Is There Life After Driving?
Senior Training Class


Public transportation is a great option for seniors who can no longer drive or simply prefer not to drive. If you've been thinking about utilizing public transportation but aren't sure how to get started, we can help. Several times per year Mountain Metro holds classes to teach seniors how to use the city bus system. You will learn everything you need to know, including trip planning tips, the advantages and disadvantages of various transit systems, and you will take an actual sample ride on a city bus. It's a fun, informative way to learn how to use your local public transit system.

Too often seniors lose the freedom to go when and where they want to go because they are hesitant to use public transportation. Approximately 8% of our riders are over the age of 60 and that number is growing. Mountain Metro buses are clean, safe, and economical. We take great pride in our system and you'll see that reflected in our clean, modern buses. All city buses have security cameras and audio equipment installed both inside and outside of the vehicle. All city buses are equipped with GPS systems so we can track exactly where each bus is at all times. After completing this free class you'll feel confident that you can use the city bus system. For more information contact John Oliphint at 719-385-5620 or email us at

Commuter Benefits
TranBen Check

Did you know that Federal tax laws allow employees to reduce their commuting costs by up to 40%, while helping employers save 10% or more on payroll taxes? That's right, and no organization is too small or too large. All employers, from single person offices to large businesses, private, public, and non-profit can participate.

All employees can use tax-free dollars to pay for their commuting expenses. Currently, the maximum tax-free discount that can be provided to each employee for transit is $125.00 per month.


Employer Benefits

  • Tax-deductible
  • Reduces payroll taxes via pre-tax benefit
  • Effective recruiting and retention tool

 Employee Benefits

  • Reduces costs
  • Increases salary by using pre-tax dollars
  • Decreases parking problems


This is a great way to lower your costs and encourage the use of public transportation. Ask your employer to check it out.


For more information:


Commuter Checks

Tel: 800-531-2828


TranBen Checks

Tel: 877-587-6236

Advertising on Buses, Benches, and Shelters
Bus with Graphics
Making the bus wheel part of the graphic adds impact



Transit advertising is very effective, offering some of the best exposure and impact in the industry. Advertising on buses, benches and at bus stops reaches a broad cross-section of consumers. It's affordable and places your company's products in direct sight of local consumers. Eye-catching images captivate both pedestrians and commuters. Commuters stuck in a line of traffic can't possibly avoid viewing the back of the bus in front of them. Pedestrians waiting for a stopped bus to move past them are a captive audience. Visible in downtown business centers and upscale suburbs, these displays provide a competitive, cost effective advantage.

For more information on how to advertise on Mountain Metropolitan Transit buses, benches, shelters, or other amenities please call 719-445-6070 or email

Traveling with Children in Strollers on Mountain Metro
Baby in a Stroller
Photo by shock/photoxpress



Strollers are welcome onboard Mountain Metropolitan Transit buses and many riders travel with children in strollers. To help ensure the safest ride possible for children and an efficient ride for all of our customers, Mountain Metro will be enhancing its guidelines for strollers on buses, effective August 1, 2012:





  • Children must be removed from the stroller and the stroller must be folded up before you board.
  • The child must remain seated next to the person responsible for their care or in the person's lap.
  • Store your folded stroller in the seating area. The aisle must be kept clear at all times.
  • Bus drivers are not allowed to care for children while their stroller is being folded and stowed.
  • The driver, upon request, will lower the lift for you after you have removed your child from the stroller and folded the stroller.
  • If your child uses a wheelchair, the standard wheelchair boarding procedures will be used.
  • Strollers used to carry pets, groceries, or other supplies must be folded before you board.
MetroRides Carpool Matching Service


MetroRides is a grant-funded program and a big part of Mountain Metropolitan Transit. MetroRides offers an abundance of free resources and incentives for transportation alternatives to driving alone.Carpool matching is one of those resources. Free, automated carpool matching through RidePro is an online ride-matching database system available on our website. It only takes a few minutes to register and it is completely FREE. When you sign up you'll find possible commuting partners who live and work near you and have similar work schedules. Like you, they are looking for carpool partners to commute to work. To get started and receive a list of commuting partners, simply register online at under carpool.





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Paratransit Facility Moving to MMT Campus
ADA construction 
Facility improvements are underway on Transit Drive allowing the MMT ADA paratransit contractor to move its daily operations to the main campus on Transit Drive. The ADA operations are currently located in a rented facility on El Paso Street. The $1.2M construction project is FTA grant funded with local match funds provided by the PPRTA. The move, long-term, is expected to save Mountain Metro an estimated $100K per year in lease payments. The construction includes service and washbays, revenue retrieval and vault areas, bus parking lot and fuel tanks.
For more information about Mountain Metropolitan Transit visit or call 719-385-RIDE.
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Paratransit Facility Moving to MMT Campus
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