January 2012
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Trial Snow Removal Program 

Snow accumulation at bus stops has always been a challenge and too much snow can be a real hurdle for our disabled customers.  In an effort to improve accessibility during periods of heavy snow, Mountain Metropolitan Transit will implement a trial snow removal program this winter that targets the most used bus stops including those with high usage by our ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) community.

Mountain Metropolitan's information technology and planning staff used the Geographic Information System (GIS) on the buses to pinpoint high usage stops and those stops most used by the disabled. These stops will receive snow removal service with snow removal beginning when the snow depth reaches 2 inches.
FREX Buses Get a Grip

FREX buses are now equipped with an automatic tire chain system. This means that FREX buses are always prepared for winter weather along I-25. At the flip of a switch, the chains are deployed within seconds. Drivers no longer need to pull over to the side of the road and struggle with installing chains in a snow storm. This grant funded chain system increases safety for drivers and passengers alike.

An electric switch mounted in the cab provides 12 volts to an air solenoid mounted on the vehicle's frame. Compressed air to the solenoid is supplied from the vehicles' onboard air systems. The solenoid opens and allows compressed air to enter the air cylinder and lower the chainwheel. Six lengths of chain spaced at 60-degree intervals ensure that there are always 2 chains between the tire and the road. The system works in forward or reverse direction.

Colorado's chain law applies to all state, federal and interstate highways, and was initially enacted in 1996. The law requires all commercial vehicles to chain up and buses must chain two drive wheels to comply. The chain law can be implemented any time there is snow covering the entire traveled portion of pavement on an ascending grade, like Monument Hill, or when driving conditions dictate that chains are necessary to protect safety and minimize closures. 

Keep Those Buses On Time It Helps Us All 

To help ensure on-time performance for the city bus (fixed-route) system, all pull-outs from the downtown terminal are scheduled for either 15 minutes before the hour or 15 minutes after the hour. These pull-outs are mandatory; bus drivers must stay on schedule and depart the terminal at the designated time.

This schedule helps keep the entire system on-time for all riders, but there are also things that individual riders can do to keep their buses on time.

Check, make sure you are ready before you board:

  Do you have the exact fare ready?

  Got your ticket ready?

  Will you need to show ID?

Tickets Get Your Tickets

There will be a new bus ticket vending machine installed at the downtown city bus terminal and at the El Paso County Department of Human Services soon. This new machine will accept coins, bills, and credit or debit cards. The machine accepts and validates nickels, dimes, quarters and Sacagawea/SBA dollar coins; as well as $1, $5, $10, $20 and $50 bills.

In addition to the normal magnetic stripe bus tickets that we are all used to, future upgrades will enable this new machine to dispense plastic smart cards. The smart cards can be reloaded over and over again saving the cost of reprinting paper tickets.

Security features include a high-decibel alarm sound when an unauthorized entry is detected and a real-time alarm that reports to the central office.

The machine records individual sales and uploads data to a central repository and has the capability to create custom reports. The easy to use machine has colorful graphics and a logical layout that is ADA compliant.  Mountain Metropolitan Transit was able to purchase the new machine through a grant funding process. Although the ticket vending machine is very easy to use, Mountain Metropolitan Transit staff will be available to assist customers who may have questions about the new machine.

Metro Rides Bike Lockers

Six new bike lockers have been added to the Tejon Park-n-Ride located at S. Nevada Avenue and Arvada Avenue.

Bike lockers are also conveniently located at the Woodmen Park-n-Ride, and in the City garage on the corner of Colorado Avenue and Nevada Avenue.  Lease a locker to add convenience to your commute.

Bike lockers can be rented with a $45.00 refundable key deposit and a $30.00 six month rental fee. Call Metro Rides at 719-385-7433, Option #2, or email metrorides@springsgov.com to get signed up!

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