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June 2011
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Nine Lives Musical

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Hurricane Party: Paul Sanchez & the Rolling Road Show
Hurricane Party: Paul Sanchez & the Rolling Road Show

Artist Notes
Spencer Boehren In case you missed them, we've received some very nice notes from our Threadhead Records artists voicing their support for the organization.  Take a moment to read the notes from Spencer Bohren and Beatin Path about their releases.


Now that the sounds and smells of another amazing New Orleans Jazz and Heritage festival have drifted away, we decided to re-start the monthly email newsletter.  Read about the latest projects, coverage, and events from Threadhead Records and Mystery Street Records.  If you like what you read, feel free to forward it to a friend or two.

And as always, thanks for your support!
Current Project Spotlight: Debbie Davis
Already a de facto member of the Threadhead Records family through performances and studio work with our current artists,  we are thrilled to be able to be a part of Debbie Davis' debut solo effort.

Help us get this talented lady's debut solo project in the works! We're getting there but need a bit more help to reach full funding. Drop by her project page and throw a few bucks in her tip bucket!


Current THR Projects and Releases
Mystery Street Records News
Mystery Street Records Logo

About Mystery Street Records

Like our sister company, Threadhead Records, we are not a "traditional" record company.  We are an artist-focused, fan-supported record company with the majority of the revenue going back into the pockets of those who create the music.


Like Threadhead Records, some of our projects will need contributions that are, in turn, loaned out to the artist and paid back out of the project's profits.  But, unlike THR, there are plans to recruit investors for some projects with the possibility of making a profit for all involved - artist, the investors and MSR.  Where THR is aimed at artists based in Louisiana, Mystery Street Records will consider projects from inside and outside of the region.


In short, Mystery Street Records was formed to allow the use of various means to help independent musicians get their music out to the widest range of music lovers possible.

Mystery Street Releases

We are excited to announce that our first releases on Mystery Street Records are now out!

Mystery Street Project:  Nine Lives Vol. 2

Nine Lives - A Musical Adaptation Vol 1has been released - and performed - to overwhelmingly positive press and interest. But the vision is not complete. The 14 or so remaining unrecorded songs need to be recorded and produced.


The tentative plan is to go back into the studio in January to record the final selection of songs to complete the work in time for a 2012 Jazz Fest release. To that end, we are looking for sponsors to make this a reality.You can be a part of this amazing project by choosing one of the six sponsorship levels detailed here  and help us complete the second phase of Colman & Paul's vision.

"music lovin', Fest goin'

come on be a Threadhead

 totem flying. crawfish eatin', 

come on be a Threadhead

clap your hands, second line, it's so fine

having a Threadhead state of mind 

 Patry goin', good times flowin' 

come on be a Threadhead"   

- Paul Sanchez  


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