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Sunset in North Carolina
Issue: #25March/15/2012

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Captain Ed's Sailing 


 Pretty nice weather outside these last days of winter, sort of gets you thinking about putting the boats in the water a little early. When the weather turns this nice my phone starts ringing, and my email starts reflecting that folks are done with winter and want to push out spring. For us who own boats the fact is that they are really not insured to go in the water before May 1st.

  I have been down working on both the Sarah Maria, as well as the Bella Donna and have been tempted to pull the covers off of the boats, however I know that when I do winter will return.

 I have been scrubbing down the two boats. With all the maintenance that I have done the past few years, there really is not that much to do, other than touch up some spots in the bottom paint. 

 Although I have plans for the Bella Donna to be in the water by the 1st of May, so far my first scheduled classes are during the first week of June when I will be holding a 2 day basic sailing class. There is still room in this class for anyone that is interested.

 As May approaches and I have a better handle on what the weather looks like, I will start filling those weekends in with classes as well. 

 For those interested in family sails, and private charters, I would start thinking of those towards the middle and end of June when the days are longer and the weather is more reliable.

I have high hopes for Captain Ed's Sailing this summer.

 Captain Ed's Sailing gets more popular each year, however there are always great weekends, as well as weekdays available.

 Make sure you use the money saving coupons below, and

Call or email to reserve your spot for this summer. 

508-451-0431  Captain Ed's Sailing


If you like what you see feel free to forward it to friends and family no matter where, as my clients come from around the country, as well as from around the world.



Mika the wonder dog
Mika the wonder dog
 Lets talk a little about the Weather


 Since weather is the biggest obstacle of my business I thought that I would talk about how I look at it, to give you some insight what summer weather looks like from my perspective.

 First we keep it as safe as we can and still be able to get out on the ocean when we can. If we are looking at just lousy weather no one wants to go out in that especially me. If we are looking at posable thunder storms we take a look and see what area they are talking about. For isolated storms I will show you how to sail around them, we could, and have been hit by them, as they are part of sailing, and summer, they usually last around 20 minutes or so. We turn the boat so that the storm hits the rear starboard quarter and the wind usually blows us out of the storm.

There are three weather sights on the computer that I use, that has kept us safe so far.

Wunder Ground Weather, Maine Harbors, and Passages Weather. 

Wunder Ground Weather, and Maine Harbors, both give a nice local picture of the weather, including the direction of the weather, including radar. I like Maine Harbors while I am north of Long Island Sound. I use Wonder Ground Weather all along the coast. Passages Weather gives an in depth look at the wind and the waves showing the heights and directions of each. You can get much information from this sight, it was a great help during our resent trip to the USVI this past fall. I spend a good part of each day monitoring each of these sights during the summer especially Maine Harbors where I also get my tide information.

Here are the links to those sites


Maine Harbors

Passages Weather

Wunder Ground Weather






Ed Ferris
 Need training on your own boat ?

Captain Ed's Sailing will serve all of your sailing needs from helping you find a boat that will fit your needs to delivering and training you on that boat. 

Could you use a little refresher class or would you like to know how to change oil or winterize your boat. We do it all.


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Captain Ed's Sailing has been doing charters out of Newburyport  Massachusetts since 2005. Well over 200 people have gone through either a Basic Sailing , a navigation class, or a family hands on sailing charter. We offer hands on sailing instruction in a very relaxed easy to understand manner.


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