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Issue: #21 January/2012

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Captain Ed's Sailing 
Bald eagle
 Although we have had a pretty easy winter so far I am not going to miss January, cold is cold, and to me even weather in the forties is cold. The cold isn't what kills you during the winter it is the darkness. The sun  comes up around 7 in the morning and goes down around 5. The weather is even to cold for the sun.  I will be glad to see January gone.
 February is not that great either except that we now start our annual events that lead to spring. For me the first of those events is the annual Southern Cross Boat Owners Association Meeting held during the first weekend of February, each year in Newport Rode Island. We have around 150 members and usually 30 or 40 show up and talk about their boats and projects that they have done to them. 
 The next annual event is the Merrimac River Eagle Festival , that will be held on February 11, 2012. Last year was the first time that I ever attended the festival. Being from Amesbury, and living on the river, we see eagles all of the time, so I did not think it was a big deal, only away to attract tourists. 
Was I wrong, I had not read the instructions so I did not get a chance to jump on a tour bus, however I did drive to the designated watch areas where there were folks that had powerful telescopes set up for us to use. Pretty cool, I think  there were some eagles that fly in especially for this event as well. They get all spift up and have their claws all sharpened, and feathers preened.
   Last of all is the boat show. I am not a big fan of boat shows, but may go just to get out of the house if someone happens to talk me into it. Held closer to the end of the month, the boat show is a good indication that the month February is now short lived as well.
 My point, I can't wait till May.
Captain Ed
Someone has to do it
Spring is on the way 

2011 is gone all and all for me it was not a bad year although a little older, maybe, or maybe not a little wiser, but I am still healthy. Good, right, shouldn't ask for much more, because a lot of people have much less than even that. Adding to my mental and physical well being is that I had a great sailing year,  if you followed my news letters I was able to help Bob Mills bring his boat Brownwyn C from Baltimore down the intracoastal waterway to Myrtle Beach. My favorite part of that trip is going through the Dismal Swamp

After that I spent a week with DR John Savage on his boat the Ker Mor, Bringing me into my own sailing season where I was able to squeeze out around 40 trips between the Sarah Maria and the Bella Donna, then finishing the year with the trip on the Windsong to the USVI.

I have pictures. During the Merrimac River Eagle Festival I will be hanging around the Warren Street Market for the day.  After viewing the eagles come in and get warm with a cup of chili on me. I will have a slide show of my sailing adventures and you will be able to sign up for a class if you want. If you sign up for a sailing class I will buy you one of Warren Street markets great sandwiches. Look for more details in the next news letter.

   On the quick links section of this news letter is some links to web pages of people and businesses that have supported me this past year. Check them out by clicking on their links, you will find some cool stuff. Click here for more info on the Merrimac River Eagle Festival.

Thanks for your support Captain Ed's Sailing

Ed Ferris

Ed Ferris sailing his boat the Mud Slide

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Captain Ed's Sailing will serve all of your sailing needs from helping you find a boat that will fit your needs to delivering and training you on that boat. 

Could you use a little refresher class or would you like to know how to change oil or winterize your boat . We do it all.

  I have a client out of Ipswitch Ma.  after taking my sailing class for a couple of years, has now purchased his own boat.  Each year Ed takes a refresher class, as I help him deliver his 25ft Catalina to Ipswitch in the spring and back to Newburyport in the fall. Ed is a great sailor but  is wise enough to realize that there is a lot to learn. During the last 2 trips back to Newburyport we hit some pretty windy weather and it was nice to be able to show him what his boat could actually do. 

Get a boat pick your crew and give me a call at 508-451-0431

Captain Ed's Sailing has been doing charters out of Newburyport  Massachusetts since 2005. Well over 200 people have gone through either a Basic Sailing , a navigation class, or a family hands on sailing charter. We offer hands on sailing instruction in a very relaxed easy to understand manner.


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