Issue: #16.58/November/2011
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Mika the wonder dog
Mika The Wonder Dog
 As you are reading this news letter Rudy Jasper , George MacGown, Bob Mills, and I are sailing to the Caribbean on Rudy Jaspers 46' Hunter , Windsong.
On November 12 Rudy Jasper, Bob Mills, George MacGown,and I have Finally traded the safety and security of Beaufort, North Carolina for the world of waves, and flying fish. Heading out to the ocean through Beaufort inlet, on a trek that would bring us out over 500 miles east, and about 250 miles south of Bermuda, before we were able to make our turn southward towards the Virgin Islands, for a trip total from Beaufort of 1200 miles.
During the trip Rudy had caught two Dolphins (Maui Maui) and George cooked them up for us. We had times that we just motor sailed day after day.November 18,19,and 20 where we were able to sail without the engine in a following sea.
 Other than blowing out the main sail the trip was uneventful. However Rudy, Bob, George, and I delivered a boat that we had doubts about, unharmed from Portsmouth, NH, to the Virgin Islands.
Three guys that barely knew each other got along for the most part, for ten long, and tedious days at sea. That is a great accomplishment since four guys have four different ideas as how to run a boat, and it did conflict at times.
 Rudy Jasper, was able to bring his first boat, a 46ft Hunter From Maine to the Virgin Islands, and must have learned a lot along the way, as he had over 100 years of experience sailing with him. We all now know what it is like to be out at sea for 10 days non stop with all that she has to offer in the way of the large swells as well as the sudden squalls that would pop up each day and night as well.
 Bob saved the day on November 16 when we blew out the main sail. After wrestling the sail below deck, Bob taped together the broken leech line of the main sail enough that we could still use it for the next few days as we had to travel east as fast as we could before turning south to our mark. For those following us on SPOT, that is where we went off course for a few hours.
On Monday, November 21 we finally saw the shadows of the Virgin islands. We decided to stop at Sandy Kay for a quick swim, and breakfast before heading over to Sopers Hole in Tortola to clear customs, do some laundry, have a drink, and just get a little rest.
 So all of us have this great accomplishment under our belts, and as with every other trip I have done, we are now different people because of it.

For the next 9 days we will be sailing from island to island in the Virgin Islands, if you want to check out the complete log of this trip Click Here.

  Follow our trip on Facebook, I will be posting there when I have a chance. Like us on Facebook
 On board the Windsong we have with us a SPOT GPS Messenger Click here for the web page. This page will update our location Every few minutes so you should be able to follow the path of our boat during the trip. If you are following us on SPOT make sure to switch to satalight. 

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