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Issue: # 1522/October/2011
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Captain Ed's Sailing


 As you are reading this news letter Rudy Jasper , George MacGown, and I are sailing to the Caribbean on Rudy Jaspers 46' Hunter , Windsong.
   As I am typing this weeks newsletter I am sitting in sort of a gym / club house of the River Dunes Marina. It is 2am and I can't sleep so I thought that I would try to find a place to get on line. No luck, this is a great marina but like much of the area down here they don't have access to AT&T.

  A friend of mine Jerry Murphy met us here and had dinner with us. Jerry is a member of the Southern Cross Boat Owners association, an off shore sailor, as well as an ex coast guard rescue pilot. He bounced much useful information to us during dinner as what to expect for our off shore sail.

  We left New York / New Jersey around 7:45 am on October 22 with plans of arriving at Atlantic City before dark. It has been real nice to be stopping each night to rest as there are only three of us, and sailing through the night will be long, though that was our plan for our trip from Atlantic City to the Chesapeake. We did the all nighter from Atlantic City to Oceans Marina, Portsmouth, VA where we stopped for fuel as well as to change the Racor filter that was rapidly failing. 

On October 25 we left Portsmouth, VA for Coinjock, NC by way of the intracoastal waterway ICW.

  My friend DR Lenny Block and I had been talking on the cell phone and arranged to meet in CoinJock where he planned on taking us on a tour of the outer banks by plane. I did not let anyone else know, as this would be a surprise for George since he had not seen Lenny for quite a few years. Lenny and I met years earlier as we were both crew on a trip to the Bahamas on Georges boat Awesome.

  I don't want to dwell on this but I will, I took the copilots seat and Lenny let me fly for a good amount of time, the highlight being the fact that I flew around Kitty Hawk.

 We are now hunkered down in the River Dunes Marina, Oriental, North Carolina, waiting out a bit of bad weather before we head back out to the ocean hopefully by Tuesday for the off shore portion of the trip to the USVI. Oriental is around 5 hours shy of Beautford, NC, and we will go back on the ocean from there. Also Bob Mills will also be joining us for the rest of the trip. We could use more help once we are on the ocean so that our watches are not to long. We have run out of supplies, so this will be a nice place to restock the boat, since we have a loaner car, plus bob will also have a car with him.

  My next news letter will be coming, with any luck, from the USVI.

By the way I have been wearing shorts since we landed in VA.

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 On board the Windsong we have with us a SPOT GPS Messenger Click here for the web page. This page will update our location Every few minutes so you should be able to follow the path of our boat during the trip. If you are following us on SPOT make sure to switch to satalight. 

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