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OPA deserves a WIN-WIN solution.
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Attend the Planning Commission meeting
Monday, June 7th at 7:00 pm
Orange City Hall - 300 E. Chapman Ave - Orange, CA  92866

Did you wonder why you were recently being barraged with all the different mail pieces from: John Martin, RROPA, Save the Arena group and an unidentified sender?  It's appears that it has been an orchestrated effort by the developer's high priced, out-of-town army of consultants hired to do what it takes to get the RPermit 510idgeline project approved.  
Orange is not new to developer tactics used to sway elected officials and the public: campaign donations, slick mailers, misleading ads, underwriting events, dividing communities, opposition groups, push polls, hit pieces - we have experienced it before but some call the "Martin Propaganda Machine" the worst they have ever seen in Orange."  The public is now witnessing first-hand the deception the OPA Board has dealt with for the last 4 years and it's backfiring. (See Canseco Letter, Eidt Letter, and Williams Letter)
Why has this gotten so out of hand?  Greed and lack of institutional knowledge about Orange Park Acres are some of the reasons.  An investment group NOT vested in our community owns Ridgeline.  The project supporters and paid consultants don't even know who we are.  See the list of long time OPA residents that spoke against the Ridgeline proposal at the Planning Commission hearings.  These supporters and consultants don't realize the long relationship the Orange Park Association has had with Faubel Public Affairs and OPA's legal counsel, Shute, Mihaly and Weinberger (SMW).  Both firms were hired by OPA in 1999 in an effort to save the 506-acre parcel known as Barham Ranch.  Their professional help was instrumental to that successful grassroots effort.  As most know, Barham Ranch was purchased by the County and is now part of Santiago Oaks Parks.  Both firms understand and respect our community.  We are fortunate to be able to utilize the professional services of these highly regarded organizations.
Orange Park Acres has an 82-year history of its residents protecting our rural life style. The OPA Board and Real Estate Committee have continued that tradition, protecting OPA from unintended consequences. 
It's all about the zoning.  There is no debate about the zoning of the Ridgeline property in East Orange.  It is zoned recreational open space and requires a zone change and amendment to the General Plan.  The current Ridgeline proposal is not in the best interest of the residents Orange and its structure is merely a bailout for the developer.
This is not a good deal. OPA deserves better. We deserve a WIN-WIN solution. 
Email the Planning Commissioners at
Tell our Planning Commissioners:  NO ZONE CHANGE - NO BAILOUT


OPA Community Action
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Orange, California 92859