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The end of the Summer months is upon us. It's almost time for Fall to settle in and for merchants to start preparing for the several holidays ahead. With this notion, the busy processing season will commence. The focus of this month's newsletter is just that,the upcoming processing season. ProPay offers several great tips below, beginning with FAQ. ProPay's FAQ page allows for a wide variety of questions to be asked and answers to be found. 


Along with the increased processing capabilities, ProPay offers a suite of mobile solutions to create a more convenient environment to accept payments. Be aware of the information you are asked to give out, and the information you store for "just in case" purposes. Dr. Heather Mark gives insight below on tokenization and what these data theives are doing.


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The ProPay Team
How To View Your ProPay History
by Nicole Boulter, Customer Service Supervisor

ProPay's constant endeavor is to remove risk and increase business ability. Keeping adequate records and reports when processing cards is crucial to protecting oneself from most risk associated with taking card information. By viewing reports and past transactions on a ProPay account, a merchant can adequately monitor their processing and transaction history. To receive a step by step tutorial on how to view reports on your ProPay account, please visit the link below:


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Mobile Solutions for a Busy Season

by Regina O'Shea, Risk/Resoultions Analyst

With the end of summer closing in on us and the fast approach of the holiday months, seasonal sales are on the rise and many merchants will be collecting card payments in larger amounts. Generally, larger volumes of card payments can mean increased chances for encountering fraud and customer disputes. One way that you can reduce these risks is by using the latest in mobile processing technology to ensure higher levels of payment security and create greater ease for both you and your customer. To view the latest trends in Smartphone technology, click here.


Is Security a Myth

by Dr. Heather Mark Phd, Senior Vice President, Market Strategy

Recently an article was published on CNN that indicated that online security was a bit (okay - more than a bit) of a misnomer.  In fact, the article said that the notion of cybersecurity was a myth.  The article states that "attackers will find a way in one way or another even if you integrate security in a product from the outset." The news of the past several months seems only to reinforce this notion.  Organized groups of ideological hackers, sometimes referred to as "hacktivists,"   have taken aim at some very high profile targets.  (A list of recent high-profile breaches can be found here.)


To read more about this topic click here.


Preparing for the Busy Processing Season

by Scott Nelson, Vice President, Marketing

Wow! Can you believe it's August already? Summer is almost over; kids will soon be back in school; and your busy card processing season is just around the corner. Are you ready?


Your ability to accept and process credit cards efficiently, professionally, and securely can make or break your season. Processing potential may increase if you are able to instill confidence in your customers. Below are some tips to help you during the upcoming season.


Process Cards Efficiently

Avoid data entry or writing down card information - If you can swipe the card you'll be ahead of the pack. Use an encrypting card reader to capture card data securely and efficiently. You'll avoid "fat fingering" during data entry or writing down information incorrectly and you'll get better transaction rates. ProPay offers the ProPay JAK and ProPayŽ FLASH card readers. Both ProPay JAK and FLASH encrypt payment data at the point of swipe, protecting your customers' sensitive payment data.


Go Mobile - Wouldn't it be great if you could process card payments anytime, anywhere with your merchant account? Did you know that the gross value of mobile transactions is estimated to reach $288.4 billion in the U.S. by 2014 (source: IE Market Research)? If you don't have a mobile strategy to process payments, you're going to get left behind. ProPay provides a suite of mobile solutions to allow you to process card payments. If you have a Smartphone (Apple or Android) you can accept card payments anywhere you have data coverage. Even if you're out of your coverage area, you can still swipe cards in a "suspended" mode and process them later. If you don't have a Smartphone, but do have a phone with Internet access, you can use ProPay Mobile. Simply point your phone's browser to, login to your ProPay Account and process. If you don't want to use a phone, the ProPay FLASH is a great option as it allows you to swipe and accept card payments anytime, anywhere, online or offline. For more information about ProPay's mobile solutions, click here.


Process Cards Professionally

You know that unsettled feeling you get when you give your credit card to a server at restaurant and they take it back to their point of sale system for processing and you wonder, "Is my card data safe?" Or, you give your card to a merchant and they write down your information and you wonder, "Will they destroy the information when they are done?" If you can, avoid these situations. As stated above, there are great swipe options available that enable you to process real-time or in a "suspended" mode. These options are simple, secure and affordable.


Process Cards Securely

If you develop a reputation for treating your customers well, they will stay and they may even refer other customers to you. Many of them will pay with credit or debit cards, because of the convenience and the rewards, and will expect you to keep their sensitive payment data secure. Failure to do so, especially at the point of swipe, can allow hackers and data thieves to steal your customers' sensitive information and expose them to credit and debit card fraud. It's important to protect your customers by using proven, secure readers and processing platforms. That is why ProPay takes data security so seriously. Industry best practices are carefully followed to ensure your customers' payment data remains safe. That's the ProPay way and it is our continuing commitment to you.


In the News


Latest Press Release

Lehi, Utah - July 7, 2011 - ProPay (, an industry leader in Merchant Services, End-to-End Payment Security, credit card processing, and mobile payment services is pleased to announce that Greg Pesci has been appointed President and Chief Operating Officer. Over the past two years, Pesci has been serving as ProPay's Chief Operating Officer. Under Pesci's leadership as COO, ProPay has continued to grow revenues in a down economy and has substantially increased its earnings. Greg has also championed several key initiatives including ProPay's global payment strategy and secure social mobile payments strategy (Social M-Payments)-a new technology that was the 1st Place Winner of the 2011 ETA Technology Showcase Challenge. Gary Goodrich, ProPay's Chief Executive officer since 2000, will continue in the CEO role. To continue reading click here.

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