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These clients have successfully changed their career with our support.  We hope they inspire you as much as they have inspired us.

Inspiring Career Change Example 


This is an example of  an employee who was made redundant and who successfully became a self employed consultant working with a number of customers.  


From employee to self employed consultant - Chris


When we worked together, Chris had been out of work for some time following redundancy and was starting to get quite depressed about the whole situation and any prospects of moving his life forward.

We helped him to come to the conclusion that he needed to change his approach completely and to start his own business. He was nervous about taking such a big step, but we helped him to see that he had skills that could be very valuable to various companies and to tackle any fears head on. His choice to become self employed was a pragmatic one in a jobs market where many companies were reluctant to increase headcount and take on full time staff,  so spreading his expertise at a lower investment working with a number of customers was a wise option for uncertain times.

The first few months were a steep learrning curve for Chris and quite scary as he switched from looking for a job to seeking paying customers. He achieved customers using social media, a minimum budget, and using his initiative and persistence. He is now in a position where he is working regularly for a number of companies and generating the same income he had in his last job, only without the commute to work. He is now doing work he loves instead of work he hates. So redundancy, while challenging to deal with at the time, resulted in much personal growth, building emotional resilience, the ability to do marketing and sales and a great end result with many benefits.

"Life really has shifted for me and I wanted to say thank you for giving me the insight to see where I needed to go."  

Chris Ball, Social media expert


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