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These clients have successfully changed their career with our support.  We hope they inspire you as much as they have inspired us.

Inspiring Career Change Example 


Hannen Beith (60): career resurgence - an enjoyable second career to relish to retirement


Hannen had fallen into his first career, and wanted a satisfying career to take him to retirement.  


He had been made redundant 5 months before I met him after a career that began as a solicitor and included roles as a deputy district judge and adjudicator. He had chosen law like many others, on the views of a family member, but with no professional careers advice. We did a fast track 12 hour career coaching programme with coaching over 6 weeks to help him to identify new career options for part time work that interested him.


A naturally gregarious person, we started by creating a new structure and good habits in his life, managing his emotions and increasing his self-awareness of what makes him happy. Understanding his values was a real eye opener and the coaching journey was a personal and professional transformation heart warming to witness, seeing his confidence and self-belief grow and grow.  


We identified a number of career routes that excited him - he has many skills - and narrowed them down, with me sharing market needs and trends. I introduced him to friends and contacts in my network to offer support and opportunity to get those vital things with a career change - ideas and a lucky break. Two live projects resulted for him to gain valuable experience to put under his belt and get his new career off the starting blocks.


In employment all his life, and a career he hated with family and financial responsibilities, like many, he had never had to think about marketing himself, but a natural and thoughtful networker, he relished the prospect of helping and connecting people and jumped in with both feet. Energised by the prospect of doing work he loved, he chose his company name - Resurgence, which summed up his personal renaissance as well as his new career, engaging employees, perfect for someone as naturally engaging as himself. Hannen wisely chose to have some marketing mentoring as a follow up, crucial for self-employment to get the brand and communication right first time and not waste money in the bank, keeping it as a cushion for a rainy day/retirement and for peace of mind in a downturn. He gained input to a web site, Twitter, brand line LinkedIn profile, CV etc. and his marketing is on track to create success.   


"Rachel is frank, open and honest. She is also very personable and easy to get along with. Having been made redundant in March 2011 I had become demoralized at applying for a succession of jobs. I usually got through to the final interview but was then "pipped at the post". I decided that I would be better off setting up my own business and marketing my skills. What I was unsure of, was what those skills were, how marketable they were, and what the current job landscape was. Rachel was analytical and perceptive. She showed me, through interesting exercises what skills I had and how I could market them. Looking back I can now see that my self-esteem and self-confidence had dropped to a dangerously low level. Rachel helped me with those issues and also coached me to identify my core values and limiting beliefs. I'm not given to hyperbole, but over a 12 week period Rachel has transformed my life both professionally and personally. I have set up my own business, and already have some potential assignments lined up."


Hannen Beith, The Resurgence Consultancy  

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