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These clients have successfully changed their career with our support.  We hope they inspire you as much as they have inspired us.

Inspiring Career Change Example 


Changing career and juggling a family can be a challenge. Here's an example of a client we helped reinvent their career to make a hobby a business and fit work around a young family. 


Hobby becoming a business -  Martin


Martin was on gardening leave when he came to see me. He wanted a career that was satisfying and where he felt valued. We explored what motivated him, his values and specific needs from work. With two young children, he wanted work that would fit around the family. We explored any blocks he perceived to changing career successfully, including marketing and networking in a competitive market place; and his unique approach in the area for his business - photography. Martin was especially skilled at getting his clients to relax so that the photos he took were wonderfully natural and captured special moments, so I helped him craft this as the essence for his brand.

He achieved paid projects from day one of his business and his work fitted very well around his two young children and the family. I used his services myself to create some professional images for use in my marketing material and was delighted with the results. He is indeed skilled at getting his clients to recall specific memories that enable them to relax, feel great and look their best.


"Working with Energise has been a very satisfying and enlightening exercise. By allowing me to recognise what I found rewarding in both my previous career and my personal life, overlaying the work-family balance I was striving for, I was given a sense of focus and clear indications of what is possible for my final career."


Martin Gammon
Founder, Here and Now photography. Moments captured beautifully:  www.hereandnowphotography


Ladder cartoon career change
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My name is Rachel Brushfield and I specialise in career change. I have over 23 years' experience and I set up Energise in 1997.


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