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These clients have successfully changed their career with our support.  We hope they inspire you as much as they have inspired us.

Inspiring Career Change Example 


Tony was an experienced I.T. consultant at a career crossroads following redundancy with 10 years left to retirement. Here's how we helped him.     


From employment to contracting - Tony 


Tony was an I.T. consultant in his early 50's with over 30 years experience, who like many other people, had been employed all his working life and was made redundant in the downturn. We helped Tony to see what was important to him - his values, what his unique skills and experience were and how marketable he was. We shared new career options and ways of using his skills in different ways. He launched himself as an experienced, personable business analyst/project manager who could also mentor teams and deliver workshops, providing huge value to cash strapped cautious companies wanting to realise efficiencies and have value for money from their investment.


We helped him to have both confidence and a strategy to market himself as a contractor, a wise move in the market conditions and a great way of using his vast experience and knowledge. He secured high profile contracts including at the University of Oxford reviewing development lifecycle processes. This allowed the business systems team to provide the colleges with accurate and achieveable proposals and to manage projects in a more structured way.   

"If you feel your core skills and expertise are not fuelling your career effectively, or if you just hanker for some sort of change of direction, Rachel's guidance is invaluable. Her course helped me to look in on myself and understand what was important and what I was capable of. She gave me the courage to change and I can thoroughly recommend it."


Tony Shaw-Williams

Business Consultant specialising in IS solutions delivery and process improvement. 

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My name is Rachel Brushfield and I specialise in career change. I have over 23 years' experience and I set up Energise in 1997.


Energise will help you make a smooth transition to a new career and realise your potential.  We have the experience, knowledge and resources to support you towards a rewarding future.


We will help you explore and clarify your options, opening up new perspectives and opportunities and support you in making the most of your talents.


Our creative, inspiring but deeply practical approach will help you move forwards with confidence no matter what the challenges you face.


Energise supports people to get the best from themselves, identifying their talents and giving them the vision, confidence and energy to create a fulfilling and prosperous future for themselves.


Energise has helped hundreds of people from all walks of life find career success and create a more rewarding way of life.

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