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Welcome to the first edition of the TeachAde eBulletin for the 2012-13 school year. This quick email provides the latest information in education, tips to assist you in getting you ready to start the new year and news to help you get the most from your membership.


In this eBulletin you will find: 


* Our "Back To School" Greeting To You  

* Free Bulletin Board Ideas for the New School Year  

* Hundreds of "Teaching Tips" from A-Z

* Some of the Best Homework Excuses Ever Received  


Our "Back to School" Greeting to You

TeachAde realizes that not all teachers are looking forward to returning to school after a wonderful, relaxing summer. We have included our
"Back to Schoolgreeting to those who are wishing that there were just a few more weeks of vacation.    
Free Back-to-School Bulletin Board Ideas

Bulletin Boards

Need ideas for some great bulletin boards? It's that time of year when your students enter your classroom and check out what's posted in your classroom. This site has some great ideas for your bulletin boards.


Hundreds of Teacher Tips From A-Z
teacher tips 
Honolulu Community College is dedicated to supporting the growth of ALL educators. The school has created a site for new and returning teachers to assist them in the classroom from the first day of school to the last. Visit "Teacher Tips" for more information on assessments, the first day of school, teaching techniques, motivating students and many other subjects which could help you get the most out of your students throughout the school year. 

NEA's Favorite Homework Excuses
It was a tough job, but NEA selected their favorite homework excuses from the numerous ones sent in by members.  

Homework Excuses

Take 10 and read some of the funniest excuses. It's a great way to begin the school year!


Thank You 

We hope this quick communication was helpful. Feel free to share our wishes to your co-workers to have a successful school year. Forward our greeting to them for fun!. Perhaps they might want to consider joining the fastest growing educational online community of exceptional educators just like you.

If you have any suggestions or ideas for the TeachAde Staff, please let us know. We are always trying to improve TeachAde and make it the best for you, our users.

Thought for the Day
"Teaching that impacts a child is not head to head, but heart to heart."
~~ Howard G. Hendricks

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