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* Get Ready for Some Exciting News Coming to a Computer Near You
* View Our "4th of July Greeting" to You
* Learn Ways to Track Where Your Money Is Going This Summer


We Hope You Are Enjoying Your Summer!


We hope you are enjoying your "short" time off this summer.We want you to know that we have been working very hard at TeachAde to become one of the most useful educator's resource 
across America.
Be on the lookout - we will alert you when the new site is launched. We want you, our members, to be engaged in our new site and we want and need your honest feedback.

Independence Day - Happy 4th of July!




Take a moment out of your busy day 
and enjoy our pride in America by viewing our



 Tricks to Help You Track Your Time and 

 Your Money  Over the Summer Months

Budgeting your money during the summer months can be trying at times. Visit our group to learn creative tried-and-true ways to track where your money goes.  
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Thought for the Day 

"To be able to be caught up into the world of thought - that is being educated."
~~Edith Hamilton

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