TeachAde eBulletin June 5, 2012



Welcome to the last edition of the TeachAde eBulletin for this school year. The TeachAde staff is getting ready for summer vacation but before we go, we want to wish everyone a wonderful, safe, relaxing, and fun summer!

Be sure to visit us during the next few months as our homepage will be changing and we will be looking for ideas from our members as to how to make our site better! In the meantime, we will share our final thoughts with you - we made it another year!

In this eBulletin you will:
* Enjoy Our "School's Out For the Summer" Greeting
* Find a Note Congratulating All of Our Graduates
* Share Tips on How to Keep Our Students' Skills Sharp
* Receive a Sincere Thank You from the TeachAde Staff

Where Have All the Children Gone?

School's Out

"School's Out" for the summer!

 TeachAde Wishes All of Our Graduates the Best!


For all of our graduates, TeachAde has something special to say.

Is Summer Reading as Good as a Summer Program? Research Says Yes!


Think Stretch

The National Summer Learning Association recently published a study finding that when a child reads 20 minutes per day, 5 days a week, his or her reading achievement will help produce higher achievement versus summer schooling or remedial programs.

This reminds us of the old adage: What are the top ten ways to become a better reader?

Read, READ, read, Read, read, Read, READ, read, Read, read!


What Was That Number Again?


Remember when we used to have to know our friend's phone numbers? Before our phones dialed for us, especially if we didn't call a friend for a month or two, it was awfully hard to remember the number.

Addition and multiplication facts are often lost in the same way over the long summer months. Students who do not practice math over the summer can lose over two months in computational ability. Math facts require frequent practice. Visit ThinkStretch for ideas to help keep math facts fresh for the next school year.

Thank You!


Thank You
We hope you have enjoyed our eBulletins this past school year.

This summer we will be rebuilding this site to make it more user friendly. We are hoping you will take a look and provide any suggestions or ideas for the TeachAde Community.

We want TeachAde to be the best for you, our users.

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Thought for the Day 

"To be able to be caught up into the world of thought - that is being educated."
~~Edith Hamilton

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