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In this eBulletin you will:
* Learn "How To Pay It Forward" on April 26
* Find Resources For "Stand Up to Bullying Day" on April 27
* Get Informed About EduApps - Another Great TeachAde Resource
* Find Simple Ways to Get Supplies for Your Classroom
* Visit Our Store For Great Resources on Stopping Bullying
* Have an Opportunity to Participate in Our Survey

Pay It Forward Day Is April 26 - What Can You Do?


The Pay It Forward concept was first articulated by Benjamin Franklin, who realized that the world would be transformed if just a few people started doing good deeds and asking those who they helped to pass along good deeds to others. What can you do?
* Pay for someone's cup of coffee
* Get the next person's food or toll
* Help someone out in need

Be creative!!! Click here for more ideas.

 April 27 is "Stand Up to Bullying Day" Are You Ready?

Did you know that half of all students have had to deal with some kind of bullying, whether it's being teased or threatened; hit or pushed; called names or made sad, scared, sick, or lonely?

Click here for ideas for your school to implement a service project and make a difference.
TeachAde Store Has Materials to Help Prevent Bullying


Isn't it safer to be informed versus the alternative? According to national statistics, bullying has become an epidemic that is quickly turning deadly among our children. 

TeachAde Store

TeachAde quickly realized this and has included new books and resources in our store to help professionals. Take a moment and check out these new books. Keep in mind the
TeachAde Store accepts purchase orders from schools as well as most major credit cards.

Shipping is free on orders of $25 or more.

Have You Used EduApps?

A group of schools in Scotland, supported by Learning and Teaching, recently evaluated EduApps through a series of case studies to support learners with additional needs. Most of the schools chose to use MyStudyBar, which is designed to support learners with literacy-related difficulties such as dyslexia. For more information, check out TeachAde's resource called EduApps.

Do You Need Money for Classroom Supplies?


Adopt-A-Classroom allows parents and friends to make tax-deductible donations to your classroom to help you purchase the materials you need. This program is easy-to-use and 100% goes to YOU!

Go ahead and register your classroom today!

You Have a Voice - Have We Heard From You?

Educators have a voice and you know how to use it. Previously we added our survey for educators and, wow, your response was fantastic.

If you haven't had a chance to take the survey yet, click here to let us know your thoughts and how we can best meet your needs online. Thanks for your time!

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"Life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to give something back by becoming more."
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