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In this eBulletin you will:
Find Ways to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month
See What Our Younger Teachers are Doing; with All Due Respect to Our "Seasoned
Discover Autumn! Browse Through Some Great Fall Bulletin Board Ideas
Be Informed About TeachAde & NEA Member Benefits
Learn How to Register Your Classroom for the Adopt-A-Classroom Program
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Resources to Help Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with Your Students


Hispanic Heritage Banner

The arrival of fall often brings the smell of apple cider, shorter days and cool crisp mornings along with fall celebrations, festivals and events.

We have that boost to help you with your lesson planning! Use the first two weeks in October to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with resources from The Library of Congress as well as TeachAde


Younger Teachers are Turning to Online Resources!

A recent survey revealed that younger teachers are actively using online resources, viewing them as important tools for helping them, sometimes honestly, to get them through the day!

Teacher with laptopTeachAde offers educators a plethora of resources to enhance their teaching and professional development. Isn't it time you join TeachAde and participate in educational communities to share resources?

We invite you to explore all the Groups we offer, and find one that suits your interests. For our experienced educators, we seek your expertise in joining any of the many groups and sharing successful resources that you have used.


Do You Love Interactive Bulletin Boards?
Here Are Some Great Ideas for You!
Students love interactive bulletin boards and why not? They are 'attention getters' that students help create which is sure to be right up every busy teacher's alley! (Isn't "busy teacher" kind of a misnomer? That's pretty much a given, right?)

Check out these bulletin board ideas to assist you in the classroom!


Check Out TeachAde and NEA Member Benefits 


NEA Member Benefits
TeachAde has partnered with NEA Member Benefits (NEA MB) to provide you with information for your life in, as well as out of, the classroom. TeachAde currently offers four TeachAde/NEA MB Groups. These groups will help you with Professional Development, Money Management, Health and Wellness and more. Take a moment and see how our partnership can help you.



Register Today for Adopt-A-Classroom   
Adopt-A-ClassroomMost educators have been in school long enough to realize there are certain materials one needs in order to have a classroom conducive to learning; however, this year more than ever, the majority of us have heard there simply is no money. 

With Adopt-A-Classroom you can ask your friends in your social network to help you. Adopt-A-Classroom allows friends, parents, local businesses and even family members to make a 100% tax-deductible donation to your class to help purchase the materials for your classroom. This program is easy-to-use and all the money goes to YOU! Go ahead and register your classroom today - simply go to www.teachade.com/tc/adoptaclassroom

Be sure to choose "TeachAde" in the 'How did you hear about Adopt-A-Classroom?' drop-down box. Next, but most importantly, from the TeachAde site, send an electronic note to your friends in your network asking for a small donation.  What are you waiting for?


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