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 New York Academy of Sciences Offers "Discoveries in Cognitive Development"  

 Join Our Discussion on Differentiated Learning!

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New York Academy of Sciences offers
"New Discoveries in Cognitive Development"


Cognitive Neuroscience of Learning: Implications for Education
The New York Academy of Sciences and the Aspen Brain Forum are pleased to announce an upcoming conference that will highlight new discoveries in cognitive neuroscience pertaining to childhood learning and development and discuss how this research can be applied in the classroom. 
Cognitive Neuroscience of Learning: Implications for Education will be held on September 22-24, 2011, at the Aspen Institute in Aspen, CO. 

Please visit the conference website www.nyas.org/NeuroEducation for more information and to register for this landmark event. TeachAde members are encouraged to register and use the code "SAVE20NEUROED" to receive 20% off the registration rate.

Hurry - Registration is closing soon!

New York Academy of Sciences



Aspen Brain Forum

Share Your Ideas! Join Our Group Discussion on Differentiated Learning

Differentiated learning has become the new (and expected) paradigm in education. Educators have students in their classrooms that range from highly gifted abilities to students with learning disabilities.

Join our group and share some of your strategies with your colleagues. You just might have an idea that is so obvious that one educator just has not thought about using in his/her classroom.

It's time to present some of your ideas to help one another especially at the beginning of the new school year!


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Thought for the Day
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-- Gail Goodwin

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