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Ways to Prevent Childhood Obesity - "Let's Move in School!"
Bullying Prevention - Take the NEA Pledge
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Calling All Physical Education Teachers!


Check out our new group for physical education and health teachers and begin blogging about how you participated in National Physical Education and Sport Month! Share ways we can prevent childhood obesity and what your school is doing to help students. Becky Jones, from Bedford County, Va., shared the information below with her staff and got teachers involved using some of the activities listed in the links.  


To read Becky's information, simply go to the TeachAde Blogs and then share your own ideas. Childhood obesity is a serious issue - let's hear from the PE department!



Ways To Prevent Child Obesity


During this month, many schools registered and participated in the Let's Move in School program as part of the National Physical Education and Sport Month. Schools across the nation committed to participating in this event! This is a perfect opportunity to include physical activity in cross-curricular lessons. Here are some ideas of what educators have done and can do.

Staff Involvement

Principals proclaim "physical activity" as the school-wide theme for the month

Classroom teachers engaged their students in a discussion about what physical activities/sports they (including the teacher!) enjoy most

Principals conduct at least one outdoor walk-and-talk meeting with a staff member

"All Staff" walks were conducted for 15+ minutes

Professional development sessions with tips/resources for integrating physical activity into the classroom  were conducted (See ideas)

Core classes participated with PE classes


Check out Let's Move in School for facts about Physical Education and statistics about how much physical activity our students are getting (or not getting).





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 Build A Positive Parent/Professional Relationship


As the school year winds down, it is important to remember the benefits of working together with parents using collaboration and shared knowledge. Communicating with parents creates genuine respect and acceptance especially when the time comes to make recommendations that will help students be more successful in the classroom.

Educators can keep promises and ensure confidentiality, be hopeful and honest about the child's abilities and potential, help parents identify their own strengths, assist parents identify choices and model problem-solving skills.

In closing out a school year, parents can also take steps to build and maintain collaborative relationships with teachers by beginning with an assumption that educators are doing the best they can for their child. Parents can contribute to the success of a child by committing to work to find solutions and remembering that life is full of compromises. Building positive relationships between teachers and parents benefit the children. That's the most important idea to keep in mind as the school year quickly comes to a close.
Bully-Free Pledge


NEA Bully Free PledgeBullying is not "just a part of growing up" and it's not going to subside unless we all become part of the solution. That's the idea behind the National Education Association's "Bully Free: It Starts with Me" campaign, which aims to address bullying behavior through training and ensure bullied students have an adult to whom they can reach out. The NEA is encouraging everyone to visit the campaign website and take the Bully-Free pledge to assist a bullied student. Get involved!

Visit www.nea.org/bullyfree for more information. On this site, you will find links to research findings and tips and resources to stamp out bullying in your school and community.


Mobi View: Mobile Interactive Whiteboard

Mobi View is the first mobile interactive whiteboard of its kind to offer a large LCD touch screen that provides the ability to control lessons from anywhere in the classroom. There is no need to go back to the computer during a lesson! In fact, with Mobi View there is no need for a fixed interactive whiteboard!  


Mobi View helps drive a student-centered, active learning environment within the classroom. When combined with Mobi Learners, up to 9 students can interact with lesson content at the same time. Students work together and learn from each other for a higher level of collaborative learning.  


If paired with CPS student response systems, Mobi View provides teachers with real-time formative assessment feedback from anywhere in the classroom. Students enter their answers in to the CPS device and their responses are immediately displayed on the Mobi View touch screen. This provides teachers with data that gives a deeper insight into student performance during lessons, putting differentiated instruction in place at the moment of learning.  


For more information, visit www.provenlearning.com.


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Thought for the Month
"Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing to life is to keep your mind young."
-- Henry Ford

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