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No Name-Calling Week is Jan. 24-28
Check out our NEW video tutorials
Discover educator-submitted resources to help with February lesson planning
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 No Name-Calling Week: Jan. 24-28


No Name-Calling WeekMore than 100,000 students will participate in No Name-Calling Week (NNCW) which runs this week -- Jan. 24-28. This event gives you the opportunity to have real conversations with students about how to end bullying and name-calling in your school. Unfortunately, recent events across the country have highlighted the wide-spread problem of bullying.


We've created a folder in our Tips for Teachers Group with lesson plans and activities to help you plan ways to observe this important week with your students. 

Disney Planet Challenge: Portfolio Deadline 2/16

Disney Planet Challenge  

This year's Disney Planet Challenge is wrapping up. If you're signed up remember to submit your portfolios by Feb. 16.  

Check out the DPC Group for a link to a tutorial to help you create the best digital portfolio for your project.


 NEW! Video Tutorials

WebinarTeachAde has been created and organized with the help of educators across the country. But as we grow and add more resources, functionality and interactivity to our site we thought it might be helpful to include video tutorials to help you learn all that your membership with TeachAde offers. 


We've added these video tutorials to provide more details about each particular area of TeachAde, and how it all works together. Links to Play Videos are located on the top right of most pages. Check them out today!

TeachAde Tip: Search Educator-Submitted Resources

Did you know TeachAde has more than 58,700 educator-submitted resources you can search? You can choose to search resources, blogs, groups, colleagues or forums. In addition, within the resources you can further narrow your search by subject, grade and resource type.
Looking forward to February, we have hundreds of teacher-vetted lesson plans and online activities for grades K-12 to help you plan for:

Black History Month    |   Valentine's Day   |   Presidents' Day

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