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TeachAde and Adopt-A-Classroom have raised more the $10,000
Online Professional Development for Credit
Money Talk Blog for Easy Ways to Save
Group Spotlight: 21st Century Skills
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We've Raised More Than $10,000 For YOU

To date, our partnership with Adopt-A-Classroom has put more than $10,000 directly into the hands of educators all across the country. Don't wait another minute to sign up and receive your direct donations!

Adopt-A-Classroom is easy-to-use and 100% of the donation goes to you, the teacher; Adopt-A-Classroom takes $0 out for administration costs.

Go ahead and register today! IMPORTANT: When registering your class, be sure to choose 'TeachAde NEA Member Benefits' in the 'How did you hear about Adopt-A-Classroom?' drop-down box. 

You can print out and copy this Donor Card to hand out to parents, and print this flyer to share with your colleagues. 
If you have any questions check out the informational video on our site, or contact us.
Online PD for Credit: Anytime, Anywhere

We've partnered with several reputable organizations to provide online professional development courses you can take for your continuing ed credits.
Online Professional DevelopmentCheck out these online PD programs you can access anytime, anywhere:
   Differentiated Instruction
   English Language Learners
   Formative Assessment
   Standards-Based Instruction
   21st Century Teaching Tools
   Working with Challenging Students
Sign up now, or check out our partner for more information including credit requirements.
This Month: Save 50% Off Stranger Safety DVD

Safety DVD

Through the end of the month, check out the TeachAde Store Product of the Month -- The Safe Side Stranger Safety DVD -- and save 50% off the retail price. You pay just $9.95, and there's always free shipping for orders over $25.
Check out all the great books and DVDs at the TeachAde Store, with new products being added weekly.
Money Talk Blog & Budgeting Your Money Group

Looking for easy ways to add to your savings? Considering opening an IRA, but want to know the difference between a Roth and traditional plan? Wondering how much (if anything) you save by shopping at your local warehouse store? All these topics, and many more, have been addressed by Elizabeth Schruefer, a Certified Financial Planner™, in her regular TeachAde Blog, Money Talk. You can follow Elizabeth's Blog for thoughtful and practical information to help you meet your financial goals.
In addition, check out NEA MB's Group, Budgeting Your Money, where you can seek advice or offer your best budgeting tips.
Group Spotlight: 21st Century Skills

One of the greatest advantages to social networking is joining Groups of like-minded peers to collaborate virtually. TeachAde has close to 400 Groups, most of which are open to anyone to join.

21st Century Skills
The 21st Century Skills Group, for example, explores the question: Should schools be actively teaching 21st century skills, or should they stick to a core curriculum? Come join this Group and tell us what you think.
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