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New and improved TeachAde functionality based on member feedback
Save 50% on the TeachAde DVD of the Month: Stanger Safety
Back to School tips and ideas
How to raise funds directly for YOUR use in YOUR classroom
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You Asked and We Listened!

Based on YOUR feedback, we've redesigned the My Workspace section of TeachAde. Now, new TeachAde resources will be delivered to your My Workspace based on your profile, and the resources will not automatically delete after five days. So there should always be something new for you to see on My Workspace. Be sure to update your profile to make sure you are receiving resources that fit your needs and interests.

To update your profile, log in to TeachAde then hover over the My Workspace tab and click on my profile/account.
Save 50% Off Stranger Safety DVD

Safety DVD
Just in time for back to school, check out the TeachAde Store Product of the Month -- The Safe Side Stranger Safety DVD -- and save 50% off the retail price. You pay just $9.95, and there's always free shipping for orders over $25.
Check out all the great books and DVDs at the TeachAde Store, with new products being added weekly.
It's Time to Head Back

Back to SchoolWhere did the summer go?

It's Back-to-School time and our Group is here to help you kick off the school year right. Join the Group to find icebreakers and proven tips from your peers, and be sure to share your favorite ideas with others.
Directly Raise Funds for YOUR Classroom

Have parents ever asked you "How can I help?" or "Do you need any supplies?" Well now, thanks to Adopt-A-Classroom you can provide them a way to directly support you and their child's learning. Adopt-A-Classroom allows any teacher (public or private) to register, then anyone (parents, local businesses, families etc.) can make tax-deductible donations to the class -- to help you purchase the materials your classroom needs.

Adopt-A-Classroom is easy-to-use and 100% of the donation goes to you, the teacher; Adopt-A-Classroom takes $0 out for administration costs.

Go ahead and register today! IMPORTANT: When registering your class, be sure to choose 'TeachAde NEA Member Benefits' in the 'How did you hear about Adopt-A-Classroom?' drop-down box. 

You can print out and copy this Donor Card to hand out to parents, and print this flyer to share with your colleagues. 
If you have any questions check out the informational video on our site, or contact us.
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Or, if you prefer to sit back and read other Blog posts, be sure to keep up on the latest information from our regular Bloggers writing about personal finance, technology in education and more.
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