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A special Educator Appreciation program from NEAMB
How to raise funds directly for YOUR use in YOUR classroom
Our free service to help you start Blogging
Online professional development courses for credit

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We Appreciate YOU

NEAMB Teacher Appreciation

NEA Member Benefits realizes all you do every single day for the youth of our country, and now thru June 3rd they are showing their appreciation with special giveaways and discounts ... just for teachers.
Need Updated Education Resources?

Is it time to add a few new titles to your education-resource library? Check out the TeachAde Store for hundres of books, DVDs and videos for children, teens, parents and teachers about adolescence and growing up.

Directly Raise Funds for YOUR Classroom

Have parents ever asked you "How can I help?" or "Do you need any supplies?" Well now, thanks to Adopt-A-Classroom you can provide them a way to directly support you and their child's learning. Adopt-A-Classroom allows any teacher (public or private) to register, then anyone (parents, local businesses, families etc.) can make tax-deductible donations to the class -- to help you purchase the materials your classroom needs.

Adopt-A-Classroom is easy-to-use and 100% of the donation goes to you, the teacher; Adopt-A-Classroom takes $0 out for administration costs.

Go ahead and register today! IMPORTANT: When registering your class, be sure to choose 'TeachAde NEA Member Benefits' in the 'How did you hear about Adopt-A-Classroom?' drop-down box.

 If you have any questions check out the informational video on our site, or contact us.

Are Your Ready to Start Your Own Blog?

Have you ever thought about writing your own Blog to share your teaching experiences? Why not post on our Blogs to reach your education peers? It's easy and free, so start blogging today.

Or, if you prefer to sit back and read other Blog posts, be sure to keep up on the latest information from our regular Bloggers writing about personal finance, technology in education and more.
Online PD for Credit: Anytime, Anywhere

We've partnered with several reputable organizations to provide online professional development courses you can take for your continuing ed credits.
Check out these online PD programs you can access
anytime, anywherOnline Communities Webinare:
   Differentiated Instruction
   English Language Learners
   Formative Assessment
   Standards-Based Instruction
   21st Century Teaching Tools
   Working with Challenging Students
Sign up now, or check out our partner for more information including credit requirements.
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