TeachAde eBulletin for November 23, 2009

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Exciting news about our partnership with NEA Member Benefits
Information on our first FREE Webinar scheduled for 12/9/09
Spotlight on the Elementary Online Resources Group
A quick and easy TeachAde Tip
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TeachAde and NEA Member Benefits
nea Member Benefits 
TeachAde is proud to announce our partnership with NEA Member Benefits to provide educators access to the leading online collaborative community designed by educators for educators. TeachAde is being integrated into the newly revamped NEA MB Web site to help members connect with each other, share best practices and access invaluable resources with a click of the mouse.

We have four NEA MB Groups on TeachAde which are open to all TeachAde members: 
21st Century Skills: Do you think schools should focus on teaching K-12 students 21st century skills or stick to a core curriculum?   
Budgeting Your Money: Creative and tried-and-true ways to track where your money goes.
 Elementary Online Resources: A variety of resources to help all elementary school teachers.
National Board Certification: Discuss the advantages of getting your National Board Certification. 

In addition, our partnership allows us access to highly trained professionals like Elizabeth, a Certified Financial Planner™, who is writing a regular Blog on TeachAde called Money Talk. You can follow Elizabeth's Blog for thoughtful and practical information to help you meet your financial goals.
We have created a Welcome NEA tab on the site to consolidate the NEA MB Groups and other important information. Check it out today!
FREE Webinar: Online Communities for Educators
Online Communities: What Every Teacher Needs to Know
Free WebinarAre you on Facebook or MySpace to keep current on your personal life? Find out how a teacher-focused online community like TeachAde can help you in your professional life. From sharing lesson plans and online activities, to watching the latest education-related news videos and collaborating with your peers near and far, TeachAde has a host of resources just for you.
Sign up now for this free Webinar on December 9, 2009 at 4:15pm EST and discover how TeachAde can help put the power of the Internet to work for you. 
Group Spotlight: Elementary Online Resources
One of the greatest advantages to social networking is joining Groups of like-minded peers to collaborate virtually. TeachAde has close to 400 Groups, most of which are open to anyone to join.
Elementary Online ResourcesOnline Resource Especially for K-5
If you are an elementary teacher you should check out our Elementary Online Resources Group. We have lesson plans, online activities and more specifically for you and your students.
TeachAde Tips: Search
Did you know TeachAde has more than 58,000 online resources you can search? You can choose to search resources, blogs, groups, colleagues or forums. In addition, within the resources you can further narrow your search by subject, grade and resource type.
As an example, check out this search for December and find great seasonal craft ideas, as well as information on important dates in December throughout history.
You can easily find our search menu on every page.
Online PD: Anytime, Anywhere for Credit
On Demand Professional Development
We've partnered with several reputable organizations to provide online professional development courses you can take for your continuing ed credits.
Check out these online PD programs you can access anytime, anywhere:
    Differentiated Instruction
    English Language Learners
    Formative Assessment
    Standards Based Instruction
    21st Century Teaching Tools
    Working with Challenging Students 
Sign up now, or check out our partner for more information.
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