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November 2010

Dear Partners, Friends, and Colleagues,Adenrele E&D Conference

CRSCAD's new Professional Development Program

November 2011 International Workshop with the University of São Paulo, Brazil

CRSCAD is pleased to announce that, in collaboration with University College, it now offers a Professional Development Certificate Program in Global Post-Disaster Reconstruction and Management. This non-credit Program, with its full course listing, schedule and registration on the university's website,  addresses the growing need for expertise in project and performance management during post-disaster recovery and reconstruction. It also offers a chance to explore new career paths or enhance those which prospective participants are on. The aim is to develop an international capacity to address the horrendous consequences of various forms of disaster. This online and "on-land" program consists of four required and one elective courses. Upon successful completion of each required course, the participant receives 3.5 Continuing Education Units (CEUs). The required courses are: Reconstruction after the cameras have gone: Issues and Best Practices; Climate change, Global food and Water resources; Practical Project Management; and, Human dignity, Human rights and sustainable Post-disaster Reconstruction.  Students may choose one of the following electives: Social Vulnerability Approach to Disasters (3.5 CEUs); or, Performance Management in Government and Non-Profits (2.0 CEUs.)

Also, CRSCAD's forthcoming International Workshop, which is being organized in collaboration with the Chair in Multiculturalism at the University of São Paulo, Brazil, will be held at the University of Masschusetts Boston from November 17 to 18, 2011. It is titled: Innovation, Diversity and Sustainable Development in Areas of Social Vulnerability.

Please kindly join us in spreading the word around about these two important developments.

I thank you.

Adenrele Awotona
Founding Director & Professor
National Week for "Natural Disaster Risk Reduction" in Iran

CRSCAD Colleagues and Friends,

In observation of the National Week for Natural Disaster Risk Reduction, anYasamin Izadkhah Educational Workshop on "Earthquake and Safety" was held from October 17-20, 2010 in Tehran, Iran. The aim of the conference was to familiarize students with issues such as earth science, earthquakes and preparedness; as well as safety measures before, during and after an earthquake. This workshop was organized by the International Institute of Earthquake Engineering and Seismology (IIEES) with the cooperation of many involved organizations. Methods used included face to face teaching, showing films and playing games. Additionally power point presentations were given on issues such as layers of the Earth, faults, correct sheltering, search and rescue, and disaster management for various levels of primary school and secondary to high school students. The workshop was a success and we look forward to planning next year's.

Iran Photo 1  Iran Photo 2  Iran Photo 3

Photos (from left to right): High School, secondary school and primary school students

Thank you,

Dr Yasamin O. Izadkhah
Assistant Professor
International Institute of Earthquake Engineering and Seismology
Tehran, Iran

Dear Friends,Kevin2

I am very excited to join CRSCAD as it begins an exciting new endeavor. I have joined the team to assist in developing many new initiatives at the Center. We have a lot of work ahead of us and I am proud to say that I am involved in getting the new Professional Development Program started. Stay tuned for updates, we will soon be looking for new students to enroll in our program. Please e-mail for any information.


Kevin Maley                                                 
Research Assistant
Center for Rebuilding Sustainable Communities after Disasters
Special Announcement

 CRSCAD will be putting out a special "Reflections Issue" of its newsletter for January 2011. For over two years, CRSCAD and its partners have worked hard in many different capacities to promote the overall mission of the center. We are inviting all of our friends and colleagues to contribute to this Reflections Issue by submitting to us your memories and favorite moments/activities involved with CRSCAD since our founding in July 2008; as well as suggestions for how to improve the Center in the future as we continue our journey toward a more sustainable world.

Please submit memories, articles, photos or suggestions in an e-mail to with "Reflections Issue" in the headline. Deadline for submission is December 30th, 2010.

New Professional Development Program


Photos of some of
the  instructors:

Jennifer Clifford
Jennifer Janisch Clifford, PhD

Elaine Enarson
Elaine Enarson, PhD

Linda Hartling
Linda Hartling, PhD

Ulrich Splathoff
Ulrich (Uli) Spalthoff, PhD

Michael Britton
Michael Britton, PhD

Tim Kress
Tim Kress

Elizabeth Bury
Elizabeth Bury

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