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October 2009
Adenrele Awotona
Dear Partners, Friends, and Colleagues, 

In his August 29, 2009 weekly address on "Lessons and Renewal Out of the Gulf Coast," President Obama noted that on this 4th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina's devastation of the Gulf Coast, "we must be prepared for future disasters and challenges."  Indeed, a recent report by Baylor College of Medicine and the American Medical Association (Recommendations for Best Practices in the Management of Elderly Disaster Victims) has computed that 74% of the approximately 1,200 people who died as a result of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans were over 60 years old and 50% were over age 75.   

People with disabilities are equally at risk of utter neglect during and after disasters. According to the United States' National Organization on Disability, 54 million American children, women, and men who have disabilities are among the most vulnerable in disasters.  

Consequently, a major component of our forthcoming July 2010 conference is an international student essay competition on the topic of the event, Rebuilding sustainable communities with the elderly and disabled people after disasters. The aim of the contest is to persuade college and university students to reflect on, and examine, the challenges that the elderly and the disabled face during and after disasters in their own local and cultural contexts.  

I invite you to spread the news.

Thank you,
Adenrele Awotona
Founding Director & Professor
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CRSCAD is sponsoring an international student essay competition on the topic of the conference, Rebuilding Sustainable Communities with the Elderly and Disabled People after Disasters. The aim of the contest is to persuade college and university students to examine the challenges that the elderly and the disabled face during and after disasters in their own cultural and local contexts.

The 50 winning essays will be published as a CRSCAD monograph and the top 20 winners will be invited to participate in the conference and publicly honored. For further information please send an e-mail to
Conferences attended in
August & September, 2009
Professor Adenrele Awotona participated
in the following events:

A  joint paper by Grace Oyebola Adetula  and Professor Adenrele Awotona, (affiliate and the Director of CRSCAD respectively) was presented at the 4th Women in Africa and the African Diaspora (WAAD) International Conference on "Education, Gender & Sustainable Development in the Age of Globalization." The conference  was held at Abuja, Nigeria, from August 3 to 8, 2009.  The paper was titled, The role of demobilized girl soldiers in participatory community development after wars in Africa.
Federal Emergency Management Agency Region 1 Higher Education Forum, September 3. The focus of the meeting was on enhanced collaboration among FEMA partners and alignment and integration with the emergency management hierarchy.

Regional Interagency Steering Committee (RISC) Quarterly Conference, organized by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Region 1, US Coast Guard, Boston, September 17, 2009.  
University and Agency Partners Initiative Fall Conference, organized by the Naval Postgraduate School Center for Homeland Defense and Security (CHDS) and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Monterey, CA, September 29-30, 2009.
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Hurricane Katrina:

Biloxi Bridge before

Biloxi-Ocean Springs Bridge: Mississippi-Jan. 2006


Biloxi-Ocean Springs Bridge: Mississippi-Aug. 2006

Hardrock Casino
Highway 90  in
Biloxi, Mississippi
Keesler Airforce Base
(commissary parking lot during the storm)

Dantzler House before Hurricane Katrina

Dantzler House after Hurricane Katrina
Hurricane Katrina
in the News
New York Times
By: Helene Cooper
Published 8/29/ 2009
Boston Globe
By: Becky Bohrer and Peter Prengaman
Published 8/27/ 2009
By: Eugene Robinson
Published 9/ 1/ 2009
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CHDS conducts a wide range of programs focusing on assisting current and future leaders in Homeland Defense and Security to develop the policies, strategies, programs and organizational elements needed to defeat terrorism in the United States.
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We would like to thank Gulf Coast Information Systems and Mississippi Heritage Trust for allowing CRSCAD to utilize their Hurricane Katrina photos.
We invite you to share your ideas with us.

CRSCAD exists for a common purpose: working with all the stakeholders to develop appropriate policies and programs for the development of sustainable communities that will be safe and secure for all (especially the vulnerable populations) after disasters. Thank you for your time and we look forward to hearing from you.


Jennifer Brunson
Research Assistant               
Center for Rebuilding Sustainable Communities after Disasters (CRSCAD)