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AHA Corporate Partners support expanded opportunities for all who participate in Arabian Horse activities. AHA would like to thank our 2012 Corporate Partners & Sponsors. By purchasing products and services provided by these companies, you are supporting the horse you love-The Arabian!
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April 10, 2012
AHA Names Two Breed Ambassadors
Half- Arabian, Darker N Bey (NV Beau Bey x Spot N The Dark) and purebred, Leprachaun SCR (P
Photo by Johnny Johnston
achole x Bekkah Ambrielle) were both recently recognized with Ambassador Awards for outstanding achievement in representing the Arabian horse community to the general public. The two geldings achieved unique accomplishments that showcased the breed outside the show ring.  
Darker N Bey "Darker" connects with children and senior citizens at camps, horse shows, and charity events, but perhaps relates best to children with disabilities. Suffering several serious medical emergencies as a colt, including a fractured skull and a massive infection, Darker seemed to act out with bad behavior and a refusal to learn some of the tricks that owner Jan Sharp was so eager to teach. Read more here.
Arabians Headed to FEI World Endurance Championship

Of the 20 horses named to the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) Long List for the 2012 FEI World Endurance Championships, August 25, 2012 in Euston Park, Thetford (GBR), 16 are registered purebred Arabians and one is a registered Half-Arabian. The only two Young Riders named to the list include 2010 AHA Youth of the Year, Kelsey Kimbler and younger sister, McCamey Kimbler. Six horse and rider combinations will compete in the championship and will be determined in early August. For more information and a look at the entire Long List, click here

Apply Now for NEW $5,000 Scholarship 

The Dale and Debbie Harvill Foundation Scholarship will be awarded to high school juniors (grade 11) or higher, age 21 and under, on the basis of financial need, academic ability, leadership, and equine involvement. Applications and three (3) reference letters relative to character, ability, and achievement, with a certified copy of most recent transcripts (showing GPA), and copy of ACT and/or SAT score(s) must be postmarked no later than June 1. Click here for an application. Contact youth@arabianhorses.org for more information. 

Dates Locked in for Distance Nationals
Distance Nationals
The 2012 Distance Nationals will be held in conjunction with the AERC National Championship Ride at the Biltmore Equestrian Center in Asheville, N.C., September 20-24. Entry forms are now available! Please send all CTR entries to the AHA office by August 1. Please send all Endurance entries to AERC Ride Manager, Cheryl Newman by August 1.  Find entry forms and more information here.  
Enter the AHA Go-Pro Raffle
Be one of the first to send in your AHA Distance Nationals entry and be automatically entered into the AHA Go-Pro Camera Raffle!  If you send in your entry forms on or before the close of entry deadline, you will be automatically entered to win a Go-Pro HD Hero Camera with helmet mount.  Check the Distance Nationals page for more details.  
Help Us Represent You
Did you know that the representation we have on the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) Board is determined by the number of "Arabian" declarations? When you sign up or renew your USEF membership, please pick "Arabian/Half-Arabian/Anglo-Arabian" as your primary Breed/Discipline Affiliation with USEF and your discipline (Dressage, Reining, etc.) as your secondary choice. The number of Arabian seats on the USEF Board is determined by the primary designation; the secondary designation has no effect. Representation on the USEF Board helps the Arabian industry when it comes to decisions which effect our competitions.
Performance Futurity Clarification

At the March Board of Directors meeting a clarification was approved which allows 6 year-old Arabian and Half-Arabian/Anglo-Arabian horses which enter into the Country English Pleasure Maturity AAOTR or English Pleasure Maturity AAOTR to cross enter into the corresponding "Open" class at U.S. Nationals, provided that they are qualified for the open class.


Also as a reminder, with the age change for Country English Pleasure Maturity AAOTR or English Pleasure Maturity AAOTR, horses may not show more than two times in these classes. A horse shown in 2010 as a 4 year-old and again in 2011 as a 5 year-old, will no longer be eligible to compete in these classes. They may, however, compete as 6 year-olds provided they did not compete in these classes in 2011. A 4 year-old horse that competed at the 2011 U.S. Nationals in these classes, will be allowed to show as either a 5 or 6 year-old.

Office Depot 2012  

Sign Up for 2012 USDF All-Breed Awards
Sign up now to be eligible for the AHA/USDF All Breeds Award Program. Top 5 horses receive certificates and Champions receive an exclusive additional prize in each level for Arabians and Half-Arabians/Anglo-Arabians. Don't forget to make your declaration with USDF in order to be eligible to receive an award with AHA. Click here for details. 


Help Carry On a Youth Nationals Tradition

This July marks the 20th time AHA will offer a world-class show for the industry's youth with the Youth Nationals Arabian & Half-Arabian Championship Horse Show, July 21-28, 2012 at Expo New Mexico. The Youth National Show Commission requests your support in providing prestigious awards for our young champions in the form of a championship jacket or belt buckle. Jackets and buckles have been part of the Youth Nationals tradition since 1993 and are held as proud symbols of championship performances earned with hard work and dedication. To help carry on the jacket and buckle tradition, click here.
Regional Yearling Classes Reminder

Remember, in order to compete in the Regional Yearling Sweepstakes classes, all yearlings must have been nominated as Breeding Entries.  Non-Sweepstakes yearlings are ineligible to compete in these classes.

Qualification Reminder

In addition to points, you can qualify for Regionals by obtaining a first or second place at an AHA Recognized local show.


Remember, when qualifying for an Amateur (AT) or Amateur Owner (AO) class, you cannot use points and/or a first or second place obtained by a Professional. To compete in an AT class, an Amateur must have obtained the qualifications and in an AO class, the Amateur Owner must have obtained the qualifications.  You may use AT and AO qualifications for an Open class.


Also, see the "Qualifications 101" chart for further clarification.   
Get the Point?

Qualification points are earned through AHA Recognized Shows (excluding Nationals, Regionals, Pacific Slope, East Cast Championship, East and West Canadian Breeders Championships).  Points must be obtained in the same section as listed in the AHA Class List with qualifications. This list has recently been updated so please review the online version here. 


For example, classes in section 15, Arabian Western Pleasure, may be used to qualify for class 195, Arabian Western Pleasure AAOTR 18-39 Championship. An Open Arabian Western Pleasure qualification cannot be used if the rider was a professional and/or if the rider was not the owner of the horse. Points are awarded to placings first through sixth and are determined by the number of horses at the close of the gate.  Horses will earn one point for every horse in the class including itself. Click here for the point qualification chart.

Make Your Prize List More Exhibitor Friendly

The following information is being sent to Show Management:

In order to be more exhibitor friendly, the following will be acceptable Prize list wording for TBA classes;

  • For USEF/EC sanctioned shows only 
    • "Any class on the AHA Class List or that is recognized by AHA can be added to a show." If there are classes you do not want to offer please state the exceptions, i.e. "Any class on the AHA Class List or that is recognized by AHA, with the exception of Dressage, Sport Horse, Cutting, Reined Cow, etc.
  • For AHA One Day Shows Prize Lists
    • "Any class listed on the AHA One Day Show Class List." 

      If there are any classes you do not want to offer please list the exceptions. 

TBA time slots must be listed in the time schedule. A show will be charged the $30.00 for any TBA slots added after the prize list has been published.  

Sign Up for Regional Youth Team Tourney

Sign up now for the 2012 Regional Youth Team Tournament. Teams of up to six youth members can enter for just $10 per team, and each region can enter unlimited number of teams. Entries are due May 1 (entries must be submitted prior to the first event that you wish to be recorded).


The tournament offers youth from each region the opportunity to form teams which work together to earn points. These points, earned from both recognized and non-recognized shows and rides, lead to great year-end awards for the high scoring team from each region. The top four events within your region count toward end-of-the-year point total.


Awards will be given to teams with the most points in recognized and non-recognized divisions in each region. Contact your regional youth team tournament secretary today and get a team together. For more information, click here.   


AHYA is Looking for Youth Activity Sponsors for Youth Nationals

The AHYA Board is looking for activity and t-shirt sponsors for the 2012 Youth Nationals. List your business, farm name or horse's name on the back of 1,000 coveted Youth National Qualifier t-shirts. Sponsorships are available for $250/$500/$1000. We also are still looking for additional sponsorships for the AHYA Convention and Hippology Contest. Download a Youth Activity Sponsorship form today from the AHYA website by clicking here

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