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Two Towns - One Book

Clifton Park  and Halfmoon Read

by Linda Conklin 

The Friends of the Library are sponsoring a community-read program:  Two Towns - One Book, Clifton Park & Halfmoon Read.  Beginning Friday, April 8th, community members will be able to nominate books to be considered for the inaugural community-wide read.  Ballots and ballot boxes for book nominations will be available in the following locations:  TTOBLogo2Clifton Park - Halfmoon Library, Clifton Park Town Hall, Halfmoon Town Hall, Halfmoon Senior Center, Shenendehowa Adult Community Center, Southern Saratoga YMCA, Borders and East Line Books.

In addition, nominations can be submitted online at:

The website will not be active until April 8, 201l.  The nomination process will continue until May 7, 2011.


Nominations will be reviewed by the Book Selection Sub-Committee, who will narrow the suggested books to 25.  Over the summer, teams of readers will read the 25 books and select five books for final consideration.  In September the community will begin voting for one book from the five finalists.  The book receiving the most votes, and thus being designated the One Book, will be announced in January 2012.  Companion books for younger children will also be identified.  The Friends are planning events and discussions to compliment the shared experience of reading. Most importantly, Two Towns - One Book will build and strengthen our community. 


Once the book has been announced, the Friends of the Library will have book kits available at the Library, which may be checked out by community groups such as book clubs.  Each kit will include 10 copies of the book and a discussion guide  A list of area book clubs is being compiled so they may be contacted about future events.  Each book club may add their name to the list by calling the Library at 371- 8622 or online at


Several sub-committees have been formed to move this project forward, including Book Selection, Public Relations, School Connection, Programming, Author Event, and Fundraising.  We invite interested residents to serve on a sub-committee and be part of this exciting new program.  To participate, please contact Linda Conklin, Chairwoman of Two Towns-One Book, at  [email protected].


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Wagging Their Tails for Tales: Reading Therapy Dogs
by Ann Cocca

A day in the life of the Library sees many children and their parents participating in programs, learning new skills, discovering new books and movies, making new friends, and having fun.  Every activity creates a unique experience for the participants.  A small program that has been having a big impact on children-and on their families is Wagging Their Tails for Tales:  Reading Therapy Dogs.


Wagging Their Tails for Tales: Reading Therapy Dogs is a program held in cooperation with Therapy Dogs International, Inc. (TDI) in Flanders, NJ (online at  One of TDI's many services is the 'Tail Waggin' Tutors' program, for which handlers and their dogs are trained so they may participate in Therapy Dogs programs at schools, libraries, hospitals and other public venues. 


The Library's Wagging Their Tails for Tales program is geared towards children in grades 1-4 who may have trouble learning how to read or are self-conscious about reading in front of classmates.  Building confidence by practicing reading skills is the overall goal of the program.  Janet Kreason, Head of Youth Servies, had a longtime interest in bringing a Therapy Dogs program to the Library and put Youth Services librarian Melinda Taormina in charge of investigating the possibilities and organizing the Library's program, which began in 2008.


Wagging Their Tails for Tales' first handler, Iris Bartkowski, and her dogs, Cleo and Bailey, were at the Library for 2 hours each visit, with each child reading to the dogs for 15 minutes.  That pilot program gave over 40 children the opportunity to practice their reading skills in a comfortable, non-judgmental environment.  Children were excited and felt successful; parents were thrilled at their children's willingness to read for 15 minutes without being cajoled.  It was a win-win situation that begged for repeat performances, so in the fall of 2008, the program began to be scheduled on a monthly basis.


The Shenendehowa School District was contacted, and reading teachers and elementary school teachers passed along information about the program to children and their parents.  Library brochures and other promotional materials featured the program, and parents responded very positively.


"TDI Dogs come in all shapes and sizes; real dogs with real personalities and real love to share.  TDI's reading program (training) provides a wonderful opportunity for children to interact with and learn about dogs in a positive manner."  The Library has had a variety of dogs participate, ranging from the small Cavalier King Charles Spaniel to the large yellow Labrador Retriever.  In addition to the intended benefits of improving their child's reading skills, parents sometimes bring a child who is afraid of dogs, so that the child can greet a calm, friendly dog in a controlled environment and perhaps alleviate some of their fear.


The Library's Children's Activity Room is where the program takes place, with the handler and the dog waiting on the colorful rug for the fun to begin!  Children are allotted 15-minute slots, by appointment or walk-in if available.  They may pick from a basket of books selected by the librarians, read from selections they bring from home, or choose from our shelves upon arrival.  Most children read several books aloud to the dog, sometimes brushing the dog, and often petting and cuddling the dog.  Parents remain nearby but often choose to leave the room so their child can read without an audience, responding just to the encouraging, quiet presence of the dog and handler.  


Recently, the mother of a 7 year old girl confided in Ms. Taormina that her child was a very reluctant reader. She said that since she started bringing her daughter regularly to the Wagging Their Tails for Tales' program, her daughter's willingness to read aloud and to tackle unfamiliar words has increased dramatically.  "Her confidence has improved along with her reading, and now she has begun to read before bedtime, by herself.  She wants to read now, and that was never the case.  Recently, on an afternoon that she was scheduled for a Wagging Their Tails for Tales' appointment, my husband came home from work early.  This is a big treat for the kids, and usually nothing can tear them away.  My daughter still wanted to come to the Library, and that's when I knew she was loving the experience and feeling good about her reading."  Contact the Library's Youth Services department at 371-8622 X2251 for information about the program and to schedule an appointment.

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Celebrate National Library Week by Nominating Your Favorite Book
by Jo Anne Robbins


The Two Towns - One Book: Clifton Park and Halfmoon Read Launch Celebration will take place on Friday, April 8th, at 3:30 pm at the Library.The celebration is open to the public. This is the Friday before National Library Week begins, and the beginning of our nomination process to identify The BOOK


During National Library Week, we encourage library patrons and all residents of our Clifton  Park and Halfmoon Library community to take a moment to nominate their favorite book.  Ballot boxes will be at the Library, Clifton Park Town Hall, Shenendehowa Adult Community Center, Halfmoon Town Hall, Halfmoon Senior Center. Southern Saratoga YMCA, CAPTAIN Youth and Family Services, Borders and East Line Books. Nominations may also be made on-line at beginning April 8th.  Nominations will close on May 7, 2011.


Once our community nominates its favorite books, the Two Towns  -  One Book Selection Committee will choose five of the nominated books for a final public vote to determine The BOOK.  When nominating a book, please consider:


                 The BOOK can be fiction or non-fiction, recent or classic.

                 The BOOK should be of interest to both men and women.

                 The BOOK should be of interest to a range of ages, from  

                 teens to seniors

                 The BOOK should be a rich reading experience that will  

                 stimulate thought and discussion.  Many events and    

                 programs will be planned around The BOOK.


Don't miss out on this opportunity to enrich our community

and share your love of reading!

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Join the Friends for Our Annual Springtime Celebration!
Wednesday, May 25, 2011 - 7:00 PM 

Please join the Friends of the Library for our Annual Springtime Celebration on Wednesday, May 25th, at 7:00 pm.


Don't  miss  this  opportunity  to  gather  with  the  FOL  Board  and  other dedicated volunteers who support the Clifton Park-Halfmoon Public Library with significant contributions of time, talent and treasure!


The winners of our 2011 Scholarships and their families will be honored and will receive their awards.  Generous donors will also receive recognition.  Help us welcome new Board members, Lynn Racht and Ann Christoffel.  Finally, the Board will present a PowerPoint Summary of their achievements for the year. We look forward to many of our members attending this Annual Meeting. 


We  encourage  members  of  the  Library  Board  of  Trustees,  FOL  Committee Chairs,  Library  staff  and  active  members  of  the  Friends  to  attend  and participate in the discussions.  Members interested in finding out more about the  Friends  and  how  they  may  participate  in  our  organization  are  also welcome.


Delicious  refreshments  will  be  served.    This  program  will  be  held  in  the Library Program Rooms C & D.  Registration for this program is recommended.  To register, go to the Library website calendar.  Advance the calendar to May and locate our event on May 25th.   Deadline for registration is May 18. 


Celebrating Commitment, Service,

and Contributions to our Library Community


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Cheap Romance . . .

by Keith Willis 


There was romance in the air (and in the Library) on February 10 as the Friend's presented the first ever Valentine's Romance Mini Book Sale. 


A breathtaking array of paheartsperbacks, ranging from classic 'bodice-rippers' to spicy contemporary romance to edgy paranormal romance were offered for sale at fifty cents each. 


The atmosphere was enhanced by the addition of red table coverings, heart-shaped balloons, and chocolate kisses for the shoppers. 


The Friends extend thanks to all the volunteers who helped to make this event such a success, and to all the eager patrons who came out to satisfy their cravings for a little romance. 

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How It's Different Now

original writing by Dan Riley

 During my working days, I did the talking and my subordinates listened - or they were supposed to be listening - and then hoped they would carry out my instructions.  One needed to have an aggressive personality for this job.  My charge was to motivate others;  I was expected to "make something happen" (every day).  One could go from hero to goat very quickly if he couldn't adapt to the changing circumstances of the market.  The ability to "keep three balls in the air at the same time" was a definite advantage.


I got to thinking the other day about how life has changed since I retired:  the change in my demeanor; not forced on me by circumstance, but coming from within, from a desire to change how I face the world.  Freed from the gnawing demands of a working life that at times seemed to consume all my days and nights, I've arrived at that stage of life when you begin to let go of all the things you were.  I'm now content to "live and let live."  I listen patiently to the telemarketer's spiel knowing that he's  as reluctant to make the call as I am to accept it.  I look forward to the nightly cribbage game with my wife.


Able to let go of the egoism that drove me during my working days, I now see the people in my life - especially those closest to me - through a clearer lens.  It seems that shortly after I retired  I made my move to become a listener;  after all, one can learn from listening.  I don't know anyone who ever learned anything from talking.  From the start I discovered that the transition was not going to be easy; my inclination to dominate the conversation had become a pernicious habit. I found it difficult not to jump into discussions to refute what someone had said.


Now deep into retirement, I'll take some credit for recognizing that everybody has something to say.  I try to listen rather intently to what the other person is saying even if I'm not interested in his topic.  I no longer have to "have the last word".  I've let go of old resentments, forgiving those who may have slighted me sometime in the past.  I can feel good about that; it makes living with myself a lot easier.


I'll compliment someone on a job well done; I may offer suggestions on how to solve a problem, but only if asked for my opinion.  Otherwise I try to avoid telling people  what they should do even if I don't agree with them. (I've noticed that some of my friends have yet to change in that way.)  Recently I had to make an exception to my new rules and ask a very nice neighbor to please refrain from smoking when he comes to visit.


I'm hoping that my new persona is projecting the real me to the world. By changing over to listener, I've brought some serenity to my life that wasn't there before.  Moreover it's resulted in a new perceptivity (a prerequisite trait for one who would be a writer), to see the world in all its diversity, tolerating other's views even as they differ from my own.

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Second Annual Plant and Garden Goody Swap and Sale 

by Wilma Jozwiak 

Join the Friends of the Clifton Park-Halfmoon Public Library for our Second Annual Plant and Goody Swap & Sale on Saturday, June 11th! (Original information gave the date as June 4th; this was changed to avoid competition with the Shenendehowa Adult Center plant sale which was already planned for June 4th.)  We will begin setting up at 9:00 AM on the porch at the Library.  

To participate as a swapper, bring your plants or goodies (unopened seed packets, garden decorations, tools, pots/potting soil, bird feeders) to the Check In/Check Out Table. Goodies must be in good condition. Please label plants, roots, and corms for the plant name/type of plant, how it grows, flower color if relevant, etcetera, so others will know what they are getting.


You may check your plants or goodies in as early as 9:00 AM for set-up.  If any plants or goodies you brought were not taken, you may take them back home or you may choose to donate them for the sale.  The swap and sale will begin at 10 am and end at 2 pm.  If you bring plants or goodies to swap, you'll be able to leave with the equivalent value in new things for your garden.  If you have nothing to swap, you may purchase plants and goodies. 


Small/common plants or items will be $ .50, medium sized plants or items will be $1.00, and large plants or items will be $2.00. The largest, rarest, or most valuable  plants or items will be $3.00. Proceeds from the sale will help support the Friends Summer Reading Program at Shatekon Elementary School.


If you are interested in helping plant or staff the swap and sale, please contact Wilma Jozwiak at [email protected] or leave your contact information for her at the Library Welcome Desk. 

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A New Friends Book Drop
by Keith Willis


If you've been to the Library recently, you may have noticed an attractive wood book drop near the Welcome Desk.  This isn't a place for you to return your overdue library books.  Rather, it's a place for you to bring your donations of gently used books and audio/visual materials for the Friends Used Book Sales.


In an effort to make the Library more aesthetically pleasing, the Friends recently purchased the new book drop for the Welcome Desk.  The book drop contains a rolling cart.  When filled, it can be taken upstairs to the sorting area by Book Sale volunteers, and replaced with an empty cart.  Keeping the donated items inside the book drop greatly enhances the appearance of the welcome area.


When you bring your donations to the library, please keep in mind the FOL book donation guidelines:


The Friends gladly accept donations of the following items in preparation for the Used Book Sales: gently used books in good condition; compact discs; computer software and games; records; sheet music; videocassettes and DVDs.  


Books with broken spines, missing pages or covers, and books that are water damaged, should be discarded. We are unable to sell such books. Please discard any books that have a mildew-y odor.  If you have questions regarding the salability of your donations, please check with the staff member at the Welcome Desk.

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The Friends Have Great Gifts for Anytime Giving!
by Jo Anne Robbins

It doesn't take lots of money to select or create a great gift for new babies, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings or the holidays. When planning your gift-giving this year, consider using gifts purchased at the Library for those you love. 


Start with a backpack or tote. The first step in creating a unique gift basket is to get rid of the basket! It's overdone and there are so many other containers to hold the your gift items. We have two perfect containers at the Library - our bright yellow children's backpack and our adult tote, only $10.00 each!  Both can be filled with a selection of thoughtful gifts.


How about an adult tote bag filled with snack treats to take as a hostess gift?  It could include your favorite homemade salsa, chips, some hard salami, a tin of crackers, a favorite cheese spread and a choice bottle of bubbly to celebrate the occasion.


For the children in your family, pack our bright yellow backpack with a couple interesting books, a board game, a deck of cards, some game night treats, and a pledge to teach the children how to play the game followed by story-time!  This gift will not be ignored and it will help the Friends support special projects at our Library.


Our FOL cookbook will also be a gift that's appreciated and used.  Purchase the Friends' Favorites Cookbook ($12.00) and pack it with some ingredients for a favorite recipe and a nice bottle of wine to accompany the meal or the dessert.  Or, if you love to bake, why not bake several different cookie recipes from our cookbook.  Pack the cookies in a colorful tin and package together with the FF Cookbook in a brightly colored gift bag.  It is a gift that anyone would enjoy!


Another interesting gift idea - wrap an Entertainment Book ($30.00) with a hand-written invitation to a meal at a favorite restaurant - your treat.


New this year, we've created a beautiful packet of note cards designed by local artist, Marcie Reed Slot from her recently completed Library rendering project.  The interior is blank so they may be used for any occasion.  Pricing: packets of 5 cards, $5.00; packets of 10 cards, $8.00; gift-wrapped packs of 10 cards, $10.00.


Celebrate the wonderful people in your life with an engraved paver!  It is a unique gift that will last a lifetime.  For gift giving, a beautiful certificate is printed.  You may order pavers by completing the paver order form that may be found on the FOL chest in the entrance or our table on the second floor. 


The cost of a paver is tax deductible because the Friends organization is a not-for-profit corporation.  Pavers are available at a variety of locations on the Library property and with a price tag that is very affordable.


Size and Characters        Price  



6X6 flagpole or reading garden     $50.00

3 lines -10 characters per line   


6X9 flagpole                                   $75.00

3 lines - 15 characters per line


6X9 reading garden                      $100.00

3 lines -  

15 characters per line       


6X6 entrance                                $150.00

3 lines - 10 characters per line   


6X9 entrance                                 


3 lines - 15 characters per line


Celebrate the wonderful people in your life with a gift from the Library, all available at the Circulation Desk.       

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Meet Ann Christoffel, New Technology Chair 


 I am pleased to join the Friends of the Library Board as the Technology Chairperson. In this capacity, I will maintain the Friends website and assist in email distributions while working closely with other Board Members on any technology related issues. I joined theFriends in 2008 when I started helping with email distributions.


Ann Christoffel, FOL Technology Chair


My husband, Tom, and I moved to Clifton Park from Buffalo over 20 years ago. I have worked as a Computer Programmer/Analyst and as a Computer Support Specialist. More recently I have enjoyed being a stay at home mother. We have two daughters, Kati and Becky. I enjoy quilting, reading and exercising. As a family, we are avid cross-country ski enthusiasts.


Take a look at our FOL website at . We are streamlining the site to help you find what you are looking for quickly. Our most current events are now posted on the Home Page. We also have a link to Facebook, which will be updated regularly. Check back often to see what the Friends are up to!

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Outreach Committee:  2011 Scholastic Two for One Book Fair, June 3 - 5

by Cathy Lawrence   


This year the Outreach Committee will hold a single Buy-One, Get-One-Free Scholastic Book Fair, on June 3rd, 4th, and 5th.  As a service to the community, the fair provides high quality children's books at very reasonable prices.  Book Fair hours are:


     Friday, June 3rd, 2 - 5 pm


     Saturday, June 4th, 10 - 3 pm


     Sunday, June 5th, 12 - 4 pm


The Outreach Committee donates over 1000 books a year to various groups in our area.  We brings books to home-bound individuals and provide many services that

support the Library.


Mark your calendars!  We hope to see you in June.


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Welcome to the Hyde Collection

by Nancy Hampton



The Friends of the Clifton Park- Halfmoon Public Library are pleased to announce a new addition to our Museum Pass Program.  The Hyde Collection, located in Glens Falls, is an art museum and historic house.  The Hyde has a diverse mix of artists, works, and art forms in their 2011 schedule of exhibitions, including:


Objects of Wonder and Delight:  Four Centuries of Still Life from the Norton Museum of Art, January 29-April 21, 2011

20th Annual Regional Juried High School Art Exhibition, April 30 - May 26, 2011

New York, New York! The 20th Century, June 12  - September 18, 2011

Draw Me A Story:  A Century of Children's Book Illustrations, October 2, 2011 - January 12, 2012


The Hyde Collection also offers Children & Family Programs!  Please stop by and inquire about the newest addition to our Museum Pass Program collection.  Exhibition details are online at www.  


Other FOL Pass museums include:


Schenectady Museum & Suits-Bueche Planetarium  


Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art


The Hancock-Shaker Village Museum


The  Iroquois Indian Museum


Mass MoCa


The Norman Rockwell Museum


The Children's Museum at Saratoga


The Racing Museum and Hall of Fame

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Meet Lynn Racht,  New Membership Chair

by Toby Elman  


The Friends of the CPH Library recently nominated and voted to approve Lynn Racht as the new FOL Membership Chair with a seat on the FOL Board.  She will be taking the place of Wilma Jozwiak who is now the FOL President Elect.


Lynn is very qualified to hold the Membership Chair with her more than 25 years experience in a Personnel Office handling the Personnel Database.  Maintaining the data, doing bi-weekly reports and working with Excel, Word, Access and Power Point are all duties Lynn accomplished.  She also has expertise in database management and mailing, all skills which she will use as Membership Chair.


Lynn has lived in the area for over 20 years, has five children and retired last June.  Her strong leadership skills, willingness to donate time and effort to the Friends of the Library and commitment to work as part of an efficient FOL team are all strengths the Friends have been looking for in a Board Member.


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ThetopSpring 2011 Issue 
In This Issue
Two Towns - One Book
Wagging Their Tails
Celebrate National Library Week
FOL Annual Springtime Celebration
Cheap Romance . . .
How It's Different Now . . .
Plant and Garden Goodie Swap and Sale
New FOL Book Drop
Friendly Gifts for Anytime Giving
Meet Ann Christoffel
Buy One, Get One Free Fair
Welcome Hyde Collection!
Meet Lynn Racht
Upcoming Events
Outreach Service
Publicity Volunteer Needed
FOL Travel News
Writers Wanted!
Join the Friends!
Library Factoid
National Children's Book Week
Thanks Book Collectors
About TTOB
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 Upcoming  Events 2011


April 7 - 3:30 PM  

TTOB Launch Celebration 


April 10-16

National Library Week


May 2-8

National Children's Book Week


May 20-22

Spring Used Book Sale


May 25

FOL Annual Spring Celebration


June 3-5

Scholastic Book Sale

Buy One, Get One Free


June 11

Plant and Garden Goody Swap & Sale


September 15

Library Budget Vote


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Outreach Service 

Enjoy Reading? The Friends of the Library will deliver books to people who are unable to get to the Library.  If you are interested in receiving this Outreach service or know anyone who might benefit from this service, please call Lou Ann Stewart at the Library, 371-8622.
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Advocates for Libraries 

by Jo Anne Robbins 


Did you know that Friends of Libraries U.S.A. (FOLUSA) and the Association for Library Trustees and Advocates (ALTA) have joined forces to become an expanded division of ALA known as ALTAFF, the Association of Library Trustees, Advocates, Friends and Foundations. Through this partnership, ALTAFF unites libraries' voices to speak out on behalf of library services and free public access to information.  Visit ALTAFF's web site to find out how you can be a strong advocate for our Library: 



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Wanted Publicity Volunteer

by Toby Elman


The Publicity Chair for the Friends of the Clifton Park-Halfmoon Library is looking for a volunteer to help with some of the publicity responsibilities.  This is not a Board position; the volunteer would be working with the Publicity Chair and would be responsible to her.


The volunteer needs to be comfortable using computer graphics to create posters, flyers and bookmarks for Friends events.


The volunteer also needs to be comfortable using a computer to post event information to various local websites.


Depending on the number of events in one month, the volunteer could be called on to send out press releases announcing an event.


The Volunteer might also be asked to do some copying work at the library.


The Volunteer could be asked to help with other publicity tasks depending on the number of events during a very busy time of year for the Friends of the Library.


If you are interested in this position please email Toby Elman, Publicity Chair, at [email protected]

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FOL Travel News  by Rhona Koretzky 


Mark your calendar for Saturday May 21 and plan to join the Friends of the Library on a one-day bus trip to Boston, MA to view the new Art of the Americas wing at the Museum of Fine Arts. The cost of the trip is $70 per person which includes round-trip transportation and museum entrance. An optional docent led tour is available for an additional $10 per person.


The bus will leave from the library parking lot at 7:30 AM. For more details and to register please contact Rhona, FOL Travel Coordinator, at [email protected] or 505-1303.


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Writers Wanted! 


Book Friendly accepts: Book Reviews, Poetry, Articles, Memoirs, Short Stories.  


Email submissions to:  

Heidi Muir 


Heidi prefers Microsoft Word format. Handwritten or typed manuscripts are also accepted.  


Call (518) 373-8170 for info.  


Please include a statement granting Book Friendly permission to print your work. Deadline for the January winter issue is December 1, 2010. 

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Book Friendly

Book Friendly is published quarterly, in January, April, July, and October. 

Authors' writings do not reflect the views of the Friends of the Clifton Park - Halfmoon Public Library. 

Authors retain rights to all their own work.

Works and photos are printed with permission of authors.

Book Friendly is online at:  

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FOL Board of Directors


Jo Anne Robbins



Wilma Jozwiak

President Elect


Toby Elman

VP & Publicity


George Pawlowski



Lori Bennett 

Secretary & Scholarships


Ellen Burns 

Fundraising & Events


Ann Christoffel 



Bernie Grossman 

Liaison to Trustees


Nancy Hampton

Youth & Families


Andres Harnecker

Assistant to Treasurer


Rhona Koretzky



Cathy Lawrence



Lynn Racht



Keith Willis

Book Sales


Kathy Adam

Library Liaison

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FOL Committee Chairs

Corinne Acker & Susanna Brooks, Hospitality

Chris Barry, Historian

Kathy Burns, Volunteer Coordinator

Linda Conklin, Author Events

Janice Jaskolka Golden, Pavers

Kit Ketchum,
Membership Assistant

Heidi Muir, Newsletter Editor

Fei Xie,
Graphic Artist 

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Become a Friend 


Every Friend is a new door to a different world.  Join the Friends of the Library and share your world.   


Download a Membership Form 


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Book Friendly e-Edition

A Benefit of Your

Friends of the Library Membership




Friends of the Library


CPH Library


Town of Clifton Park


Town of Halfmoon



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Library Factoid


Did you know that the Library is now offering free and legal downloadable music- using Freegal?


Hundreds of thousands of mp3 songs are available from the Sony Music Entertainment catalog, including over 100 genres of music and more than 50 record labels, all without special software to download.


Clifton Park-Halfmoon Public Library Tax District residents can download three songs per week to a computer. Patrons can transfer them to personal devices, including Apple, Android and Blackberry devices. It's fast, it's easy, and it's FREE!


Find out more by clicking on the "Downloadable Media" button on the left hand side of the Library home page.  To check it out, go to: 

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FOL Mission 

The mission of the Friends of the Clifton Park - Halfmoon Public Library, Inc. shall be to act as a bridge to the community by:



1)    Increasing public awareness of, focusing attention on, and expanding the use of the Clifton Park - Halfmoon Public Library.



2) Initiating, organizing, promoting, and encouraging cultural and educational activities.



3) Procuring gifts and endowments for the Clifton Park - Halfmoon Public Library, as well as raising funds to support certain Library activities.  


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National Children's Book Week  

"Books for Babies" 

May 2 - May 8


The Friends of the Clifton Park-Halfmoon Public Library invite Library District parents and grandparents of a newborn (up to six months old) to join us in celebrating National Children's Book Week, May 2-May 8, 2011, with "Books for Babies".


If you are a Library District parent or grandparent of a newborn, please stop at the Welcome Desk in the lobby of the Clifton Park-Halfmoon Public Library during the week of May 2-8 to receive a special gift packet, compliments of the Friends of the CPH Library, containing a board book, library card application, nutritional information, tips on reading, and much more.

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Thanks to our Book Collectors


The Friends wish to acknowledge the following members for their 2010 FOL Membership at the "Book Collector" level:


Marilyn Adsit

Betty J. Alexander

Mark & Suzanne Anderson

Frederick & Jan Bass

Arthur & Marjorie Bates

Gregg Brown & Betsy Bitner


Kathryn Briggs

Laurie Brooks

Christina Bushunow

Charles & Joyce Chew

Diana Cichello

Ann Close


David Colchamiro

Jill Coloney

Ruth Corcoran

Eagle Crest Golf Club, Inc.

Linda Fennelly

Marvin Fine & Kathleen Wardle


Doug & Teresa Gallant

Kirk & Dale Gleason

David & Janice Golden

Marjorie & Andrew Gorelik

Bernie & Chris Grossman

Mary Jane Kinosian

Dorothy Mancusi

Judy & Ted Marotta

Irene Marsh

Anthony & Elaine McCann

Thomas Myers

Mary Beth Nafis

Gladys Owens


Tom & Nancy Paolucci

Barbara Piekarski

Charles & Jeanne Pietrow

Frank & Barbara Piliere

Josephine & Ronald Piracci

Tara Pleat


Martin Pollack

Alma Pusateri

Robyn Ringler

John & Judy Ritter

JoAnne & Zebulon Robbins

Ed & Francine Rodger


Marilyn Shapiro

Shenendehowa Teachers Association

Karyl & Robert Smith

Mark A. Smrstik

Christene Thurston

Virginia Tracey


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plant It's time to start thinking about tulips and daffodils.  Join us for our Plant and Garden Goodie Swap and Sale on Saturday, June 11th!

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Two Towns  - One Book:  Clifton Park and Halfmoon Read!


The goal of our project, entitled "Two Towns-One Book, Clifton Park & Halfmoon Read" is to bring people in our Clifton Park- Halfmoon community together through the shared reading and discussion of a common book.  This project is sponsored by the Friends of the Clifton Park - Halfmoon Library with Community Partners:  Clifton Park - Halfmoon Library, Town of Clifton Park, Shenendehowa Central School District, Shenendehowa Adult Community Center, Town of Halfmoon, Halfmoon Senior Center, CAPTAIN Youth and Family Services, Southern Saratoga YMCA

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 The Friends of the Library is a 501 (c) (3) Organization