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Eric Kelly
Fort Wayne, IN
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Latham, NY
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Tacoma, WA
Dan Chapin
 Grand Rapids, MI
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L4YSLeadership for Your Soul 
Tim Hvizdak  Bibleness
Matthew 25:40
"then the king will reply "I tell you the truth, whatever you did for the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me."
Three years ago as an employee in a Juvenile Detention Center, God mad it very clear to me who the "least of these brothers" was. One evening after a youth was restrained and brought to the counseling room, I passed by his window and observed him crying. This youth had caused a lot of staff a lot of trouble over the last few months and was serving a long sentence for some heinous crimes. In that moment, I clearly saw what Jesus meant when he referred to the "least of these."   Although the scripture clearly states that the hungry, thirsty, strangers, unclothed, sick, and prisoners are the ones we are to care for, "as unto Christ," when that 16 year old youth sat in front of me crying, the scripture became real and lasting in value. Since then, I have visited New York City and cared for the homeless. God has been mysteriously burdening me for "the least of these." Even at Paintball Camp this past week, "the least" seemed more attractive than the youth that had it all together. Hmmm...how interesting.tim h for jjm newsletter
Be Blessed brothers and sisters and find a "least of these" to reach out to today.
Tim Hvizdak
Director of JJM for Capital District
Youth for Christ in Albany, NY.
LovingFaithful Bible Teaching 
Dan Chapin
dan chapin jjmnewslFriday night and dad was a no-show, again, for a weekend home visit. Johnny was hurting and angry. Alone outside his placement, he picked up a brick and brought it down viciously and repeatedly on his left hand. Johnny did not sleep that whole weekend because of the pain, refusing any medical treatment.

Chaplain Steve knew Johnny had accepted Christ previously and had participated in several Bible Studies.  So he asked Johnny a simple question, "Whose hand is that?", "God's" came the answer. "What do you think God wants done with his hand?" Johnny thought for a moment, then stood up.  Without a word he walked out of Steve's office, and asked to be taken to a doctor.
This story is told by R. Steve Lowe of Pacific Youth Correctional Ministries. It illustrates the power of Faithful Bible Teaching. The kids we have been given in JJM need our consistent presence for sure, but they also need to read and study God's Word for themselves. Are we giving them our words in hopes that they will change or are we helping them hear what God is saying in scripture?
FacesFaces of the Field
Eric Kelly
Meet Glenn CraigGlennCraig JJM Intro
Glenn Craig started with Miami YFC in 1983, and has been working with JJM teens in detention centers and shelters ever since. Glenn has an amazing way of connecting with any teen in any situation. He loves the role of pastor and is energized by the chance to support and encourage someone in need. I have asked Glenn to consider volunteering some of his time to help encourage and support you as front line JJM staff and he has happily accepted. Glenn (and our entire team) would love the chance to talk and pray with you if you are in need of some encouragement and love. We understand that ministering to high-risk teens can be very rewarding but it can also tear you apart at times. We want you to know that we are here for you! Also, don't be surprised if you receive a call from Glenn or someone else on our team, just wanting to pray for you!
Glenn Craig
Miami YFC
Glenn can be reached via email at glennc@miamiyfc.com
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More Teens May Be Getting High Off Prescription Drugs  
New Survey Suggests One in Five High School Students Have Abused Prescription Drugs
(Getty Images)
JJM Drugs
One high school student in five has taken a prescription drug without a doctor's order, according to a nationwide survey. 

Abuse of a prescription drug was most common among white students (23 percent), followed by Hispanics (17.2 percent) and blacks (11.8 percent), according to Danice Eaton of the CDC's Division of Adolescent and School Health in Atlanta, Ga., and colleagues.
Improper use increased steadily from ninth grade (15.1 percent) to 12th grade (25.8 percent). Girls and boys were equally likely to abuse a prescription medication.
The findings, reported in a surveillance summary that accompanied the June 4 issue of Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, came from the 2009 National Youth Risk Behavior Survey. That was the first year questions about prescription drug use were asked.
To read the full article on abc.com, click here.
Eric Kelly Sig
Eric Kelly
National Juvenile Justice Director