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Brief Updates
KMC Sponsors Community Sporting Events
KMC Sponsors Solar Cooking Demonstrations
Brief Updates

Solar Cooking Update
Thanks to donations from Harold Boyanovsky and Case New Holland, Geraldine Brosy (in memory of Del Bassett) and Margaret Retz (in memory of Rob R. Retz), LUA will shortly send $3,600 to our partner Solar Cookers International (EA) to support four new solar cooking projects, including our first projects in northern Tanzania.

LUA's First Annual Report
Lift Up Africa will publish its first annual report shortly. The report will include LUA's 2008 accomplishments and an overview of our income and expenses for the year.  It will also show a breakdown funds expenditures between program, administration and fundraising.  The report will be available to the public on LUA's website at in February.

2009 LUA Travel
Rick Levy, Lolo Levy, and Linda Alband are going to Kenya and northern Tanzania in May. Joined by Larry Donahoo and Sam Muinde, LUA Board members who live in Kenya, they will meet with partner organizations and other contacts. They will also make site visits to our current projects and visit other projects that could serve as models for future LUA endeavors. LUA News #5 (Summer 2009) will include a report on their trip.

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  Issue #3
Winter 2009
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KMC Sponsors Community Sporting Events

With funding provided by LUA, in 2007 KMC (Kaliluni Medical Centre) President Sam Muinde (LUA's Vice President) began developing soccer club
Race #6s as part of KMC's community outreach program. Seventeen teams from the various Iveti Hills soccer clubs showed up for the first tournament. Community elders, the local chief and his assistant chiefs, and many other people attended. At the event, said Sam, "speeches were given in appreciation for what we are trying to do for the youth of the various communities. Every speaker also talked about the KMC project."

In 2007 no tournament winner was declared. A dispute that no official could resolve broke out over a penalty. At that time, Sam, in his capacity of patron, officially called the match off by raising the trophy high for all to see and announcing that "no winner would be declared until the 2008 tournament."  


In its second season, 22 teams registered -- 5 more than in 2007. Through competition, these 22 were winnowed down to the top four teams. On August 17, 2008, they played for the championship with 5,000 people in attendance. The area's Member of Parliament (MOP) sent her representative who, while addressing the crowd, singled Sam out as a worthy leader who has brought electricity, a hospital, and running water to his community. The Hollywood Stars, a team made up of KMC's workers, won the tournament. "No favor was given. The Hollywood Stars played well and won with dignity," Sam said, adding that "all participating teams received a premium soccer ball regardless of how well they had played."

In addition to the soccer tournament, Sam and KMC also sponsor an annual marathon that brings participants from all over Kenya to Kaliluni. The Great Kwa Solo Market Marathon, now in its sixth year, is held each April and draws an average 8,000 people. The marathon is held at the Kwa Solo Market on the KRace #6MC building site. Marathon participants vary in age from 7 years up.  Both males and females participate. The marathons offer races of different distances based on age group and sex. Its final race -- a 200 meter course -- is for runners 65 years old or older. "This is usually the most exciting race because we have had men and women participate who are over 80 years old. Cash awards are given to the top 10 winners in each category, so we have many winners and that is why the marathon draws many people," Sam concluded.

Initially, Sam was the sole sponsor of the event. "In the third year I began soliciting some sponsors from my friends and community leaders. At first the people did not understand the idea of sponsorship. But in the last two years I advertised the Marathon as a community event, giving the community ownership," said Sam. Since then, sponsorships have grown. Last year the community sponsors contributed KES 67,000 (roughly $1,000 US) or about 82% of the prize money. And  close to 80 volunteers helped organize the marathon.

KMC Sponsors Solar Cooking Demonstrations

On June 21, 2008, KMC hosted a solar cooking demonstration at the hospital site, which is about 9,000 feet above sea level. "The KaliluniSCDemo4weather was very much uncooperative, as it remained overcast all day," reported Sam Muinde, KMC President and LUA Vice President. Due to the altitude, good sunlight is only available about seven months out of the year, so "the SCI (Solar Cookers International) team ... simply talked and demonstrated the CooKits, a lightweight panel-style solar cooker ... The people were very much impressed. We had well over 100 people show up. Late in the afternoon we had brief sunshine and were able to cook some rice. The SCI team showed the people how to keep it warm in the insulated baskets," said Sam. "Everyone was impressed," he concluded.
A second demonstration was held on August 16, 2008 when the weather was sunnier. Funding for this event was provided by the family Dr. Tom Hallquist, a member of the Oshkosh, WI Rotary Club. "Well over 200 people attended including community leaders, church leaders, local people, and many students," Sam reports. "SCI staff again conducted the demonstration at which we cooked about 20 dishes using solar power. It was amazing to all of us. The people were delighted and many of them were ready to by the CooKits."  A grant from the Hallquists will help subsidize the cost solar cooking materials. This will allow many local people to purchase the equipment. 

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