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May 15, 2012
Volume 16, Number 10
Willow Wood May 2012

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In This Issue
- O&P Alliance Meets with CMS Regarding Ongoing Physician Documentation Issue
- Senator Debbie Stabenow of Michigan Announces Co-Sponsorship of S.2125, the Medicare Orthotics and Prosthetics Improvement Act of 2012
- CMS Issues Final Rule on National Provider Identifier (NPI) Requirements
- CMS Innovation Center Announces 26 Healthcare Innovation Awards
- FDA and the FDA Medical Device Industry Coalition to Host FDA Workshop in Dallas, TX
- Correct Billing Guidelines for L6895
- Correct Coding for Concentric Adjustable Torsion Joints
- AFO/KAFO Policy Revisions
- KO Policy Revisions
- External Breast Prostheses Policy Revisions
- Complete the 2012 Operating Performance Report Survey Today!
- Register for Next Essential Coding & Billing Techniques Seminar in Seattle, WA August 6-7
- O&P PAC Corner
- AOPA National Assembly: Donations Needed for Wine Tasting and Auction to Support Government Relations Outreach
- Register for AOPA's June 13 Audio Conference, "Improving Your Bottom Line"
- Registration Now Open for the 95th Annual AOPA National Assembly and Combined NE Chapter Meeting Historic Downtown Boston -- The Place to Be September 6-9
- Online Membership Management Available
- Check Out the AOPA Job Board for New Opportunities in O&P
- AOPA's 2012 Coding Products are Available!
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O&P Alliance Meets with CMS Regarding Ongoing Physician Documentation Issues 

Last week, members of the O&P Alliance met with the subsection in CMS responsible for the actions of audit contractors and the DME MACs relating to the severe physician documentation problems holding up and derailing claims payment. The CMS representatives to the meeting included George Mills, Director of the Provider Compliance Group within the Office of Financial Management, Mr. Mills' Deputy Director, Melanie Combs-Dyer, and two physicians from the Office of Clinical Standards and Quality, Dr. Jim Rollins, and Dr. Susan Miller, a physiatrist.  John Spiegel, Peter Budetti's Deputy from the Program Integrity Group also attended. 


With respect to the OIG report, the O&P Alliance informed the CMS representatives of their previous meeting with OIG officials, including the author of the report, where they pointed out these deficiencies in the report:


  1. the report made no attempt to differentiate the "questionable billing practices" as to whether the providers were licensed, accredited, or had no evidence/credentials demonstrating qualifications in O&P;
  2. the OIG report was based on the mistaken premise that physicians are knowledgeable about the specifics of O&P devices, could identify what might be malfunctioning as to a prosthesis needing repair, and that physicians are not the ones to which patients go when they are in need of assistance with their prosthesis, i.e., the report did not reflect the prevailing standard of care;
  3. the OIG report has changed the standard and quality of care.Documentation hassles mean patients wait longer for their device, and many have interpreted the OIG report as mandating a physician visit, which is nowhere stated as required in statute or regs (the same claims that were sufficient in July, 2011, were deemed 96% deficient as to physician documentation in September, 2011);
  4. the OIG did not understand the immediate impact their report would have on patient interactions in O&P--that CMS contractors, whose actions the report criticizes, would react instantaneously, treating the recommendations of the OIG report as if they were " the law of the land."
  5. the OIG was incorrect in stating, or at least inferring that the documentation of the O&P professional has no legitimate role in the patient's record. 

At this point, as a result of the many different efforts, by the Alliance, by AOPA, by the letter to the CMS Administrator from Senator Cardin, by clinicians at the AOPA Policy Forum and by patients, progress is being made.  But it is important to emphasize that we must recognize that any resolution to the physician documentation problem remains a decision for the CMS Administrator, which is likely not imminent.


We still have a good way to go if we are to see a more appropriate resolution to this problem, but this effort is a top priority and commands daily attention, follow-up, and advocacy from AOPAAOPA will continue to keep members apprised of steps along the path to such a solution.


Questions? Contact Catherine Graf at or (571) 431-0807.


Senator Debbie Stabenow of Michigan Announces Co-Sponsorship of S.2125, the Medicare Orthotics and Prosthetics Improvement Act of 2012 

AOPA is pleased to inform members S. 2125, the Medicare Orthotics and Prosthetics Improvements Bill of 2012 has another co-sponsor, Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-MI). Sen. Stabenow becomes the fifth senator to sign on as a co-sponsor of the bill. S.2125 was introduced on February 17 into the U.S. Senate by Senators Ron Wyden (D-OR), Olympia Snowe (R-ME) and Charles Grassley (R-IA). Senator Stabenow (D-MI), like Senator Ben Cardin (D-MD) who had previously joined on as a co-sponsor of this bill, as well as the three original co-sponsors, is a member of the crucial Senate Finance Committee, which has responsibility for all Medicare matters.  The addition of Senator Stabenow as a co-sponsor brings the total number of Senate Finance Committee co-sponsors for the bill to five, a strong collective show of support.


Click here to read the official text of S.2125.


Click here to read the floor statement Senator Wyden issued announcing the bill's introduction, and acknowledging his co-sponsors.


AOPA will continue to keep members informed of any and all further, significant developments to S.2125.


Questions? Contact Catherine Graf at or (571) 431-0807.


CMS Issues Final Rule on National Provider Identifier (NPI) Requirements

CMS recently published in the Federal Register a final rule titled, "Medicare and Medicaid Programs; Changes in Provider and Supplier Enrollment, Ordering and Referring, and Documentation Requirements; and Changes in Provider Agreements."   Part of CMS' stated goal with this final rule is to enable CMS and States to be able to link specific claims to the ordering or certifying physician or eligible profession, as well as check for suspicious ordering activity.


This rule requires all providers and suppliers that qualify for a National Provider Identifier (NPI) to include their NPI number on all Medicare and Medicaid Program applications and on all claims for payment submitted under the Medicare and Medicaid programs.  It also requires physicians and other professionals who are permitted to order and certify covered items and services for Medicare beneficiaries to be enrolled in Medicare. Lastly, the rule mandates certain document retention and provision requirements for providers and suppliers.  


For example, as part of the documentation requirements, suppliers that provide covered ordered items of DMEPOS must retain documentation relating to the order for 7 years from the date of service.  The supplier must provide access to the documentation upon the request of CMS or a Medicare contractor.  Additionally, the documentation is considered to include "written and electronic documents (including the NPI of the physician who ordered/certified the home health services and the NPI of the physician or, when permitted, other eligible professional who ordered items of DMEPOS or clinical laboratory or imaging services) relating to written orders and certifications and requests for payments for items of DMEPOS and clinical laboratory, imaging, and home health services."


Click here to access the final rule.


Questions? Contact Catherine Graf at or (571) 431-0807.



CMS Innovation Center Announces 26 Healthcare Innovation Awards

The Healthcare Innovations Awards program's stated purpose is for, "funding up to $1 billion in grants to applicants who will implement the most compelling new ideas to deliver better health, improved care and lower costs to people enrolled in Medicare, Medicaid and Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP), particularly those with the highest health care needs."  CMS announced 26 applicants will be receiving an award, for 3 year funding (which may range from $1 million to $30 million), to implement their submitted proposal.  Additional awards will be announced in June 2012.  CMS received roughly 3,000 applications for this initiative.  Applicants included providers, payers, local government, public-private partnerships and multi-payer collaboratives.


Click here to read the list of awardees.


Questions? Contact Catherine Graf at or (571) 431-0807.



FDA and the FDA Medical Device Industry Coalition to Host FDA Workshop in Dallas, TX

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Office of Regulatory Affairs, Southwest Region, Dallas District Office in conjunction with the FDA Medical Device Industry Coalition (FMDIC) is hosting a public workshop in Dallas, TX titled, "Educational Forum on Medical Device Reporting, Complaint Files, and Recalls, Corrections, and Removals."  This is a public workshop to provide information on FDA's Medical Device Quality Systems Regulation (QSR) to the regulated industry, especially small businesses.  The stated goal of the workshop is "to present information that will enable manufacturers and regulated industry to better comply with the Medical Device QSR." 


The event is scheduled for June 15, 2012 from 8:00AM- 5:00PM and costs $250 for early registration (prior to June 1), and $300 thereafter.  Click here for more information from the FMDIC website.


Questions? Contact Catherine Graf at or (571) 431-0807.


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Correct Billing Guidelines for L6895

The Durable Medical Equipment Medicare Administrative Contractors (DME MACs) have stated that L6895 (addition to upper extremity prosthesis, glove for terminal device, any material, custom fabricated) should be used to describe and bill for cosmetic features such as coloring, veins, hair, etc. Providers should no longer use L7499 (upper extremity prosthesis, not otherwise specified) to describe these cosmetic features.


Questions? Contact Joe McTernan at or (571) 431-0811 or Devon Bernard at or (571) 431-0854.


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Correct Coding for Concentric Adjustable Torsion Joints

The Pricing, Data Analysis and Coding contractor (PDAC) and Durable Medical Equipment Medicare Administrative Contractors (DME MACs) have revised the coding guidelines for the use of concentric adjustable torsion joints used with prefabricated and custom fabricated orthoses.


If the concentric adjustable torsion joints are used solely to provide an assistive function for joint motion, you may use the L2999 for lower extremity orthoses and L3999 for upper extremity orthoses.  All other uses of concentric adjustable torsion joints must be coded and billed as the following: 

  • E1800 - Dynamic adjustable elbow extension/flexion device
  • E1802 - Dynamic adjustable forearm pronation/supination device
  • E1805 - Dynamic adjustable wrist extension/flexion device
  • E1810 - Dynamic adjustable knee extension/flexion device
  • E1815 - Dynamic adjustable ankle extension/flexion device 

These revised coding guidelines will be included in future revisions of the AFO/KAFO and KO policies, but the effective date are for claims with dates of service on or after March 13, 2012. 


As a reminder any claim for an L2999 or L3999 must include either a narrative description of the item or the manufacturer name and model name/number.


Questions? Contact Joe McTernan at or (571) 431-0811 or Devon Bernard at or (571) 431-0854.


AFO/KAFO Policy Revisions

The AFO/KAFO policy has been revised, effective July 1, 2012, to provide clarification on the documentation requirements for a custom AFO/KAFO and the proper use of the code L4205 (labor component, per 15 minutes).


Code L4205 may only be used to describe the actual time involved in the repair of an AFO/KAFO and cannot be used to bill for services such as evaluating the patient or follow-up visits.  For a custom fabricated AFO/KAFO there must be documentation in the physician's records and the provider's records to support the medical necessity of a custom AFO/KAFO rather than a prefabricated AFO/KAFO.


Also, beginning September 1, 2012, the following AFOs will require Pricing, Data Analysis and Coding (PDAC) coding verification and be listed on the PDAC website, if they are billed to Medicare: L1930, L1932, L1940, L1960, L1970 and L1971. After September 1, 2012 if an AFO described by one of these codes  has  not received a coding verification from the PDAC it must be billed using code A9270 ( non-covered service).


AOPA is working on determining if the PDAC coding verification requirement applies only to custom fabricated AFOs (L1940, L1960, L1970) that are fabricated by a manufacture or central fabrication facility, and if there is an exemption if the AFO is fabricated in-house and provided directly to the patient.


As a reminder for claims with a date of service on or after April 1, 2012 the only AFOs that may be billed to Medicare using code L1906 are those which have received PDAC verification.


Questions? Contact Joe McTernan at or (571) 431-0811 or Devon Bernard at or (571) 431-0854.


KO Policy Revisions

The Knee Orthoses Policy has been revised to allow the use of L2775 (addition to lower extremity orthosis, high strength, lightweight material, all hybrid lamination/prepreg composite, per segment) with the following base KO codes: L1840, L1844 and L1846.  In the previous KO policy the code L2775 would have been rejected as incorrect coding.


Also, for KO base codes L1830, L1832, L1834, L1843, L1844, L1845 and L1846 the following diagnosis codes may be used to justify medical necessity: 733.81/733.82 (Malunion of fracture - nonunion of fracture) and 905.4 (Late effect of fracture of lower extremities).


These revisions will be effective July 1, 2012.


Questions? Contact Joe McTernan at or (571) 431-0811 or Devon Bernard at or (571) 431-0854.



External Breast Prostheses Policy Revisions

HCPCS code L8000 describes a bra, without an integrated breast prosthesis, which has pockets designed to hold mastectomy form/breast prosthesis adjacent to the chest wall and codes L8001 and L8002 describe mastectomy bras with integrated breast prosthesis.  The L8000, L8001 and L8002 also include the following characteristics:

  • May be constructed of any material including but not limited to cotton and polyester
  • Includes any type of closure and the closure may be located anywhere on the bra
  • May be of any size
  • May be constructed with or without integrated structural support ,e.g., an underwire

These new coding guidelines, found in the Policy Article, will be effective June 1, 2012.


Questions? Contact Joe McTernan at or (571) 431-0811 or Devon Bernard at or (571) 431-0854.



Complete the 2012 Operating Performance Report Survey Today!

 The 2012 Operating Performance survey questionnaire was mailed to all members in mid-April. By completing the questionnaire you automatically reserve your FREE copy of the survey, your customized Company Report and you obtain an opportunity for a one-to-one consultation with AOPA's consulting experts, Industry Insights.


Industry Insights has conducted this survey for almost a decade and has a wealth of experience in analyzing the data and providing "top performer" comparisons with your own performance.  The lessons learned can be invaluable to your management decision making process and represents the most useful benchmarking information available in the O&P field.


Remember - all data is absolutely confidential and no one from AOPA or any other entity sees the data except the Industry Insight consultants who are bound by a strict confidentiality agreement. 


So why would you as a member pay $185 ($325 for non-members) for this "must have" information when you can get your own free copy?


There are three ways to participate - (1) Complete the hard copy survey questionnaire and return it to Industry Insights; (2) Go online to for the convenient "save and return" way of providing your data; or (3) Send your financial statements to Industry Insights and they will enter your data.


AOPA and Industry Insights conduct the Operating Performance Report survey every year.  In the odd number years such as this year, the Report is expanded to include the operating data plus the all important compensation and benefits information.  This is the year for reporting the entire package which makes it even more persuasive to participate and get the full benefit of your free report, analysis and personal consultation.
Leading this project are AOPA members chaired by Mike Hamontree including Candy Carlson, Craig Wright, Jim Weber, Avanindra Chaturvede, Mark Ford, and Michael Oros, joined by Industry Insight experts, Scott Hackworth and Michael Becher.

If you have any questions about how you can participate in this year's survey, contact Devon Bernard at or call (571) 431-0854.



Register for Next Essential Coding & Billing Techniques Seminar in Seattle, WA August 6-7

Join AOPA in Seattle, Washington for the Essential Coding and Billing Seminar. The seminar will take place August 6-7 at the Hyatt at Olive 8. Many of your colleagues have already benefited from our previous seminars, but now it is your chance to benefit from the newly revamped Essential Coding & Billing Seminar.


AOPA has secured the competitive room rate of $174 per night at the Hyatt at Olive 8. Don't miss the opportunity to experience two days of valuable O&P coding and billing information, and earn 14 continuing education credits.


The Essential Coding and Billing Seminar include breakout sessions for practitioners and administrators that will focus on each group's specific interests and educational needs including: how to create a chart audit, how to code for repairs/replacements, what modifiers to use, how to use an ABN and much more.


With the new revitalized format of the seminar, you now have the ability to submit your specific questions ahead of time and the AOPA experts will be sure to answer all these questions. Register for the seminar now to learn what you want to learn and what you need to learn.


Click here to register for the August 6-7 AOPA Essential Coding and Billing Techniques Seminar.


Questions? Contact Stephen Custer at (571) 431-0876 or or Devon Bernard at (571) 431-0854 or



O&P PAC Corner

The O&P PAC Corner provides updates on the activities of the O&P PAC, including the names of individuals who have made recent donations to the O&P PAC and the names of candidates the O&P PAC has supported. The O&P PAC recently received donations from the following AOPA members*:

  • Clyde Massey, CPO
  • Nina Miller
  • Claudia Zacharias, MBA, CAE

The O&P PAC recently made contributions to the following candidate(s)*: 

  • Rep. Glen Thompson (R- PA, 5th District), Sponsor of the O&P Improvements Act (H.R. 1958)
  • Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR), Co-Sponsor of the O&P Improvements Act (S.2125)
  • Sen. Max Baucus (D-MT), Chairman Senate Finance Committee 

The purpose of the O&P PAC is to advocate for legislative or political interests at the federal level, which have an impact on the orthotic and prosthetic community.  The O&P PAC achieves this goal by working closely with members of the House, Senate and other officials running for office to educate them about the issues, and help elect those individuals who support the orthotic and prosthetic community.    

In order to participate in and receive information about the O&P PAC, federal law mandates that you must first sign an authorization form.            


Click here to view and sign an O&P PAC authorization form.    


*Due to publishing deadlines this list was created on 5/8/2012 and includes only donations/contributions received/made between 4/26/2012 and 5/8/2012.  Any donations/contributions received or made after 5/8/2012 will be published in the next issue of the AIA.


Questions? Contact Devon Bernard at  or (571) 431-0854, or Catherine Graf at or (571) 431-0807.



AOPA National Assembly: Donations Needed for Wine Tasting and Auction to Support Government Relations Outreach

During the 2012 National Assembly in Boston AOPA will once again be hosting a spirited event, which provides attendees with an unique opportunity to mingle, network, learn about and taste a variety of wines, but most importantly raise awareness of and funds for AOPA's Government Relations outreach.  For the fifth year in a row we look forward to the Wine Tasting & Auction being one of the most anticipated Assembly events, but we need your help.  So please join the fun, the "good cause" and add to the continued success of the Wine Tasting & Auction.


Donations for the Wine Tasting & Auction are now being accepted. Your donation may be one of the gems of your cellar, jewelry, artwork, wine glasses, a bottle of your favorite spirit, cigars, etc.  We also have a team of personal shoppers who can locate that perfect item for you.  Proceeds from the event help support the O&P Political Action Committee and the Capital Connection - both critical to advance the O&P public policy agenda. 

If you would like to make a donation please 
click here to access the Wine Donation Form.


We would like to thank the following individuals for making a contribution to the 5th annual Wine Tasting and Auction:


         Frank Bostock, CO

         Thomas Costin

         Anita Liberman-Lampear, MA

         Tina Moran

         Claudia Zacharias, MBA, CAE


Thank you in advance and we look forward to seeing you in Boston and hopefully at the 5th annual Wine Tasting & Auction.

Questions? Contact Devon Bernard at or (571) 431-0811.



Register for AOPA's June 13 Audio Conference, "Improving Your Bottom Line"

Join AOPA on June 13th, 2012 at 1:00 PM EST for an AOPAversity Mastering Medicare Audio Conference that will focus and cover the basics of pursuing patients, receiving payments, and knowing when to cut your losses. Learn strategies and techniques from an AOPA expert who will address the following highlighted topics on the audio conference:

  • Organizing collection activity chase
  • Key terms to use when chasing payments
  • The true meaning of the term "Usual and Customary Charge"
  • Waiving coinsurance due to patient hardship
  • Everything you can bill for

Don't miss this valuable opportunity to learn important strategies that you should have in place before you enter a contract negotiation.


The audio conference begins at 1 PM (EDT). The cost of participating is $99 per line for AOPA members ($199 for non-menbers) and any number of employees may listen on a given line. Listeners can earn 1.5 continuing education credits by returning the provided quiz within 30 days and scoring at least 80 percent. Contact Devon Bernard at or (571) 431-0854 with content questions.


Click here to register for the audio conference.


Questions? Contact Stephen Custer at (571) 431-0876.



Registration Now Open for the 95th Annual AOPA National Assembly and Combined NE Chapter Meeting Historic Downtown Boston -- The Place to Be September 6-9

Registration is now open and you can get an online, sneak preview of the preliminary program.


Boston is the place to be as we build on our historic heritage and learn to prepare for the rapidly changing healthcare environment.  The clinical committee has been working hard to ensure the sessions will provide cutting edge science with clinical correlation to help expand our skills and improve patient care.  The meeting will kick off on Thursday, September 6 at 8:00 AM with two tiers of workshops or the option to partake in the Annual Fall Thranhardt Golf Classic.  All will meet back at the Hynes for the opening reception in the exhibit hall on Thursday evening.


The National Assembly is the country's oldest and largest show for O&P and the New England Chapter Meeting is considered one of the very best state meetings in the profession.  The combined efforts are sure to be of historical proportions.


Who Should Attend? O&P Practitioners, pedorthists, physicians, technicians, fitters, students, educational instructors, facility owners, marketing personnel, physical therapists, residents, office managers, billing specialists, researchers, engineers, manufacturers, distributors and suppliers of O&P products and services should come to Boston to stay on the cutting edge of their profession and to mix and mingle with other top professionals from across the country and around the world. Earn over 30 CE credits while learning at a fun, historical event. 


The 2012 combined meeting will be held at the Hynes Convention Center and adjoining Sheraton in historic downtown Boston.  The Hynes and connecting Sheraton hotel are located in the Back Bay neighborhood, which is considered affluent Boston at its best, boasting landmarks like Copley Square, the Prudential Center, and Fenway Park. Peruse boutiques on Newbury Street, stroll down Commonwealth Ave., or spend your evening out at one of the local lively bars or restaurants.


Boston-The Place to Be! Click here for more information.


Questions? Contact Stephen Custer at (571) 431-0876.


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Are you taking full advantage of your AOPA membership benefits?  Are your employees receiving their own copy of the AOPA In Advance Newsletter; does your staff know about the free online learning videos; white papers and monographs on various topics are also available. Make sure you and your staff are in the know by updating your membership record today.  We can add your company logo to the online membership directory just for the asking. Visit to update your membership account.  If you do not know your username and password contact email us at


Check Out the AOPA Job Board for New Opportunities in O&P   

If you need a position filled at your business or are interested in looking at other job possibilities within the O&P field, check out the AOPA Online Job Board. The online job board sports a freshly updated look and an easy-to-navigate profile creation system. Job seekers can: 

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Managers and recruiters can:

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And remember: if you advertise on the Online Job Board and decide to also advertise in the O&P Almanac, then you'll receive a 5 percent discount on the cost of advertising in the Almanac and on the Job Board.


Questions? Contact Steven Rybicki at or (571) 431-0835.


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The Only Up-to-the Minute O&P Newsline
People in the News

Arimed Prosthetics & Orthotics announced that Vasilios Kehagias will join the company a resident to its facility in Brooklyn, New York.


Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn proclaimed April 26, 2012, as "Limb Loss Awareness Day" in Tampa.  


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Businesses in the News

The American Board for Certification in Orthotics, Prosthetics and Pedorthics, Inc. (ABC) announced its participation in the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP) Annual Meeting in San Diego, Ca.


Hanger Orthopedic Group, Inc. announced the completion of enrollment in its INSTRIDE investigational device exemption (IDE) clinical trial studying the effectiveness of its WalkAide System in the rehabilitation of stroke survivors.  Additionally, Hanger Orthopedic Group, Inc. today announced its therapeutic solutions business unit Accelerated Care Plus (ACP) has become the official supplier of advanced therapeutic modalities to IMG Academies, the Bradenton, Fla.-based multi-sport training and education complex that provides tailored coaching programs to youth, adult, collegiate, and professional athletes.


Bioventus announced its creation from the Biologics Division of Smith & Nephew and a focus on active orthopedic healing.


Motion Control, Inc. (a Fillauer company) received notification from the Department of the Army of a grant award of $2.3 million.


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