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[T]he work of compassion must continue. ... The poor may be out of political fashion, but they are not without human needs. The middle class may be angry, but they have not lost the dream that all Americans can advance together.
- Senator Edward M. Kennedy, Address to the Democratic National Convention, August 1980
Dear Friends,

The past two weeks have been a challenging time for many Americans, particularly for Catholics who care about social justice.

We have all felt the heartbreak of the tragedy in Haiti.  Thank you to the many of you who responded to our appeal for the Haitian people.  With your help, we have raised almost $15,000.

We also witnessed a few events with sobering political consequences that threaten the cause of social and economic justice in America - the election of a conservative U.S. senator in a historically "blue" state who was bankrolled by destructive Tea Party organizations from across the country, the loss of the Democratic supermajority in the U.S. Senate, and a U.S. Supreme Court decision that puts corporate interests ahead of people.

Today we are asking you for your financial support to help us continue to lift the light of Catholic Social Teaching and maintain the social justice agenda in which we all believe so strongly.

Never has your involvement in Catholic Democrats been so important, particularly this week as we reflect on President Obama's State of the Union Address.

The election of Republican Scott Brown over Stop Obama on health care and it will be his Waterloo -Jim DeMint (R-SC)Democrat Martha Coakley in Massachusetts was a call to action for all of us who believe that the legacy of Senator Edward M. Kennedy must continue in the U.S. Senate.  Regrettably, Brown opposes regulating the reckless Wall Street practices that created the current economic crisis plunging millions into poverty.  He supports torturous interrogation methods like waterboarding, and ran on a promise to defeat legislation providing affordable, accessible healthcare for all Americans.

The day after Scott Brown was elected, the U.S. Supreme Court overturned 100 years of settled law by ruling that U.S. corporations - including those that are foreign-controlled - can spend unlimited amounts of money to influence elections.  This decision will shift the nation's political priorities away from human needs to the unfeeling interests of corporate entities.

While these events are a setback to those of us committed to social justice, we believe that now is the time to have the courage of our convictions and not be discouraged.  It is a time to be We don't quit. Let's seize the moment to start anew.-Pres. Barack Obamastrong and fight back for the core values of our faith and the common good. We have come too far - there is too much at stake.

Catholic Democrats needs your financial support to continue advancing the light of the Catholic Social Tradition.

Senator Ted Kennedy inspired us when he said, "the work begins anew...." 
So, we are pleased to make available to you a copy of his memoir, True Compass, signed by the late senator's wife, Vicki Kennedy, for a donation of $100 or more received by Valentine's Day, February 14th.  The liberal lion, a voice for the voiceless, knew what course to chart.

Regardless of the political storm clouds in our midst, the light of social justice continues to shine as a beacon of hope for Catholics.  The hard work of achieving social justice is the mission of Catholic Democrats and we remain mindful that:

     ·   Our economy should serve people's needs, particularly by providing good jobs;
     ·   Health care is a human right that must be provided to all Americans;
     ·   Health insurance reform is critical to the well being of our economy;
     ·   Poverty is growing to record levels - we cannot leave so many people behind;
     ·   Our foreign policy must increasingly embrace diplomacy for a more peaceful world;
     ·   Workers' rights, the foundational issue of Catholic Social Teaching, need to be restored, and;
     ·   The environmental crisis calls us to act responsibly by creating a clean energy economy.

In the weeks and months ahead,Catholic Democrats will continue to organize, communicate, and act on these and other social justice issues with your help and involvement.

We thank you for the support you have given us and hope that you will be as generous as possible with a gift of $50, $100, $250, or more.  Please know that whatever amount you can give will be truly appreciated and will help us advance the light of social justice for all in our society.

Wishing you every blessing in this New Year,

Patrick Whelan, MD PhD                                       Steve Krueger
President                                                              National Director
PS With a slow economic recovery expected in this election year, the work of Catholic Democrats will be more important than ever to ensure that the light of social justice shines brightly in the halls of Congress - and to protect those most in need in our society.
Sen. Kennedy's True Compass, signed by Vicki Kennedy for a $100 donation

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