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  • Get Smart About Sunscreen
  • One of the great things about soccer is that it gets us outdoors. We all know that some sun is good for us and gives us an important dose of Vitamin D3. However, as the summer months approach it is good to educate ourselves a bit more about ways to protect ourselves...
  • How to Plan a Soccer Tour to Costa Rica
  • Although organizing an international trip for your soccer team can seem overwhelming, by planning ahead and following these few suggestions, you'll find that it is easier that you might have expected....
  • Is the Competition in Costa Rica Good Enough for my Team?
  • Finding the right level of competition for your soccer team is very important when planning an international soccer tour. On the one hand, you want the players to be challenged and pushed to grow and learn against top quality opponents.
  • Fundraising Ideas for your Soccer Tour to Costa Rica
  • Few things will inspire your team more than a trip to a foreign country like Costa Rica. They will learn a new culture, play against local teams, explore an exotic location, and most likely return with great stories and memories that will last a lifetime!
  • How to Prevent ACL Injuries in Soccer Players
  • World Cup Email