May 2012 

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By Daniel Stuber


How much will a sawmill will pay for sawtimber? The range is, of course, driven by market forces, among them the value of the lumber dimensions that can be cut from the log and the price of  ...  


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By Matt Perkowski 


Forest2Market's composite lumber price increased by 9.1% throughout the month of April. The month began with a continuation of the price decline that began at the end of March; that week (Week 14), price dropped to $289/MBF. A rebound quickly began ...  


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Housing Market Performance-March 2012
By Suz-Anne Kinney


New Residential Construction Table 1 summarizes the Census Bureau's March new residential construction report. The number of housing starts fell from 694,000 to 654,000, or 5.8 percent. This represents an improvement of 10.3 percent over March 2011's level, however. In ...  


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Forestry-Related Industry Performance-February 2012 
By Suz-Anne Kinney 


According to ISM, the pace of growth in manufacturing slowed slightly in February; its PMI fell to 52.4 percent, from 54.1 in January (50 percent is the breakpoint between contraction and expansion). Nonetheless, Bradley Holcomb, chair of ISM's Manufacturing Business Survey ...

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By Barbara Hudson 


Based on the increased convenience of recycling these days-single stream curbside pickup and adoption of recycling at business parks, schools and public buildings-it seems logical that the supply of recovered fiber would be increasing as well. Because the economy, technology ...  


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Forest2Market Adds Mixed Paper Grade to Market2Mill Reports 
By Suz-Anne Kinney 


Market2Mill, Forest2Market's recovered fiber price and mill benchmark reports, will begin reporting Mixed Paper prices and market trends. The impact of this addition is significant. "There is very little transparency in Mixed Paper pricing at present due to the lack ...  


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By Suz-Anne Kinney


Forest2Market's recovered fiber price report and benchmark, will begin reporting Sorted Office Paper (SOP) prices and market trends in June 2012.


According to attorney James R. McGibbon, who rendered the anti-trust opinion that paves the way for the addition, the inclusion of SOP prices in Market2Mill will have significant impact on the industry: "There is very little transparency in sorted office paper pricing at present due to ...


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By Suz-Anne Kinney


As the industrial pellet market in Europe absorbed excess supply caused by the fire at RWE's Tilbury plant, new questions have arisen about pellet quality. According to Montel's Weekly Biomass Report, "market chatter [during the week of April 2] is ...


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State Guidelines for Biomass Harvesting
By Suz-Anne Kinney


Note: This post has been revised from an earlier version. A handful of states have their own biomass harvesting guidelines. It is no surprise that Maine, Wisconsin and Minnesota are on the list of states that do, considering the fact ...  


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Forest2Market Welcomes Stan Parton, Bioenergy Practice Lead

By Suz-Anne Kinney

Forest2Market announced today that Stan Parton, formerly of The Parton Group, has joined the company. In his new role, Stan will lead Forest2Market's bioenergy practice...
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