April 2012 

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Northern Spotted Owls: The Cost of Critical Habitat Designation


By Suzanne Hearn 


On March 8, the United States Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) posted its proposed revisions to the designated critical habitat for the northern spotted owl.  In this latest revision, USFWS proposes to increase the area designated as "critical habitat' in ...  


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By Suz-Anne Kinney 


For foresters and landowners, one of the top concerns about the rise of the wood bioenergy industry over the last five years has been the effect of biomass removal on the health of the forest. The retention of biomass (logging slash, ...  


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By Matthew Perkowski

Figure 1 summarizes pricing data gathered for Forest2Market's weekly lumber market report, Mill2Market. For this market report, Forest2Market aggregates sales order data submitted directly by report subscribers. This figure charts weekly sales order prices from January 2010 through year to ...  


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LEED 2012: Wood and the "Responsible Extraction of Raw Materials"

By Suz-Anne Kinney

According to the 3rd draft of the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) 2012 rating tool, released on March 1 by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), forest products will only receive "responsible extraction of raw materials" credits toward LEED certification ...  


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By Daniel Stuber 


Do inventory levels at a pulp or paper mill in the US South affect the delivered price the mill pays for pine pulpwood? This question is one I've been thinking about recently, with a goal of incorporating the findings ...  


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Pulp Prices Set to Move Higher in 2Q2012 
By Suz-Anne Kinney 

As we exit the first quarter of 2012, the Forestweb North American Pulp Index indicates that pulp prices are still below the 5-year trend line. Prices  have stabilized, however, and appear to have started an upward trend (see our report from last month). ...  


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By Suz-Anne Kinney 


According to ISM, the pace of growth in manufacturing slowed slightly in February; its PMI fell to 52.4 percent, from 54.1 in January (50 percent is the breakpoint between contraction and expansion). Nonetheless, Bradley Holcomb, chair of ISM's Manufacturing Business Survey ...

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By Suz-Anne Kinney
New Residential Construction While the number of housing starts in December was revised upward to 681,000 (from 671,000) and January starts were revised upward to 706,000 (from 676,000), the number of starts fell in February to 698,000 (1.1 percent). Table ...  


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Recycling Today Features Market2Mill Recovered Fiber Prices

By Suz-Anne Kinney

Since the beginning of 2012, Forest2Market has provided Recycling Today with prices from its Market2Mill recovered fiber report. The most recent story featuring Forest2Market pricing data is "Primed for Growth" by Dan Sandoval, an in-depth look at the OCC market. This story appeared in the March 2012 issue ...


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