March 2012 

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From Forest2Market's Economic Outlook 
The manufacturing and service sectors have been on a "roll" of late. Manufacturing - in particular, the change in private inventories - was the single largest contributor to 4Q2011 GDP growth. The view forward also looks somewhat encouraging, as new ...  


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By Suz-Anne Kinney
According to the Mortgage Bankers Association's weekly mortgage application survey for the week ending February 24, the four-week moving average for the mortgage application index increased by 0.33 percent. The four-week moving average for the Purchase Index ...  


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By Suz-Anne Kinney

In Pulp Prices Fall below 5-Year Trendline, I reported that pulp prices were expected to flatten in February 2012. This seems to be the case. While still remaining below their 5-year trend line, North American pulp prices stabilized in February (Figure 1), indicating ...  


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5-Year Trend in Wood Fiber Prices 

By Daniel Stuber

Delivered wood fiber prices in the South remained relatively stable in the 4Q2011 (see Figure 1). As the trendlines show, much of the volatility the market experienced beginning in 2008 and running through 3Q2010 has been ...  


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By Daniel Stuber

When consumption of a class of wood fiber increases, demand is generally stronger; and when demand is stronger, prices generally rise.  


There are exceptions to this rule, however, and one of them occurs when a consumer has the ability to substitute one feedstock for another. During 4Q2011, wood fuel markets were characterized by higher consumption volumes and ...  


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SYP Tracker-January 2012 Mill2Market Results

By Matt Perkowski

The SYP Weekly Lumber Price figure below (Figure 1) summarizes pricing data gathered for Forest2Market's weekly lumber market report, Mill2Market. For this market report, Forest2Market aggregates sales order data submitted directly by report subscribers. (For more information about how the data is collected and reported, see the description ...  


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Southern Yellow Pine Design Value Changes

By Suz-Anne Kinney

Earlier this year, the American Lumber Standards Committee (ALSC) reduced the design values for some grades and dimensions of southern yellow pine lumber. The new design values were recommended by the Southern Pine Inspection Bureau (SPIB) in order to address ...  


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Bu Suz-Anne Kinney

The American Lumber Standards Committee (ALSC) Enforcement Committee rejected a proposal by Timber Products (TP) that would allow TP certified mills to maintain current or close to current southern pine design values by using visual grade quality assurance procedures. TP submitted the proposal to ...  


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Pacific Northwest Exports to China

By Gordon Culbertson

After soaring log prices buoyed by Chinese appetite for forest products, exports from the Pacific Northwest have retreated.  


It shouldn't come as a surprise, since the breathless rise in price and volume couldn't be sustained over the long haul. We predicted early last year that  ...  


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"The Evolution of Sorted Office Paper" by F2M's Hudson in SDB Magazine

By Angelique Mitchell

Barbara Wright Hudson's article, The Evolution of Sorted Office Paper, was published in the February 2012 issue of  ...  


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