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September 2011

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In This Issue
Sawtimber v. Chip-n-Saw
Delivered Wood Fuel Trends
PNW Wood Chip Prices
Sawmill Productivity--South
Housing Update--August 2011
Western Forest Health
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 Pete Stewart, F2M President and CEO, talks to host Angelique Mitchell about F2M's August 2011 Economic Outlook. 


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Top 3 Stories from the August Issue



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How Big Should I Let My Trees Grow? Sawtimber vs. Chip-n-Saw


"How big should I let my trees grow?""Should I let my trees grow for a longer period of time, so I can get a big price." "How long will it take them to reach sawtimber size?"  "Will the market for sawtimber ...
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Five-Year US South Delivered Wood Fuel Price Trends


By Daniel Stuber


Since the 2Q2006 inception of Forest2Market's delivered price benchmark for Southern markets, real wood fuel prices have trended higher, gaining $4.16/green ton or 27.4%. As Figure 1 shows, a majority of this increase occurred between 2Q2006 and 4Q2008, when prices ...


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By Gordon Culbertson


June established a trend of flattening wood chip values, following a nine month run-up where prices increased by 40% (see Figure 1). Total conifer fiber prices have settled at an average of about $125 per bone dry ton (BDT) across ...


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By Daniel Stuber


One of my favorite places to visit is Disney World's Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Florida.  I view it as a utopia and how the world should be:  just good, clean fun (though it would be much nicer without the heat!).  ...


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By Suz-Anne Kinney


Performance across virtually all aspects of the housing market weakened in July. The one bright spot was mortgage interest rates, which remain below 4.5 percent (Table 1). These low interest rates are key to a new program-currently being considered by the ...


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By Gordon Culbertson


Across the intermountain west, National Forests are at risk from fire, insects and declining forest health. Overcrowded and unhealthy forests, the result of many years of fire suppression and recent decades of neglect in proactive forest management, contribute to volatile ...


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