Economic Outlook - [Excerpted from the September 2007 Economic Outlook]
The U.S. economy’s 4 percent growth rate in the second quarter may turn out to be an aberration. Flagging growth in the manufacturing and service sectors, as well as declining private-sector employment, appear to be part of a renewed slowdown. The mid-August global credit crisis has also shaken consumer and business confidence, and it will likely exacerbate the current downward trend. At the same time, however, modest growth over the next several quarters is expected for wood products and most sectors of paper products, thanks in a large part to increased export orders. Click here for more information.

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Office in Pacific Northwest off to a great start
The forest products industry in the Pacific Northwest has responded very positively to Forest2Market’s new Delivered Price Benchmark service. Several timberland buyers and landowners have already made multi-year commitments to F2M. These early participants are helping to shape F2M’s future products in the region. F2M has defined seven regions in the Pacific Northwest and has tailored its delivered pricing and benchmark service for each of them. Expect to see the first benchmark reports before the end of the year.

F2M recently hired Gordon Culbertson to run the new regional headquarters in Eugene, Ore. With more than 30 years of experience, Culbertson is responsible for building relationships, guiding the development of F2M’s business and customizing products and services to meet customer’s needs in Oregon, Washington, California, Idaho and Montana. To learn about Delivered Price Benchmark for the PNW click here.

Budget Smart; Manage Easy
There's no doubt about it. Volatile timber prices present challenges for managers. Budgeting magnifies the challenges as the whole of the next year looms, with all of its potential opportunity and risk.

How do you budget when your profit potential falls and lifts, then falls again in reaction to a long list of economic factors?

Innovative managers have come to rely on Forest2Market Southwide Stumpage and Delivered Price 4Cast during budget preparations. Powered by our industry leading stumpage and delivered price benchmarks combined with economic data from hundreds of expert sources, it is the most accurate price forecast available.

Build a budget with delivered and stumpage price forecasts for pine sawtimber, and pine and hardwood pulpwood that will serve you well through 2008.

Create your budget with the most accurate forecast available. Click here to place your order today.

Stewart to appear on Timber Talk
F2M President and CEO Pete Stewart will appear on tomorrow’s broadcast of Timber Talk – a 30-minute radio program that reaches 100,000 listeners in parts of Arkansas, northeast Texas and north Louisiana. Stewart will discuss the need for accurate and transparent timber pricing. The Sept. 25 show will begin at 9:30 a.m. Central time, and the episode will be posted on when it is completed.

Stewart also recently discussed timber prices at a conference sponsored by the Alabama Forest Owners’ Association called “Capital Ideas – Live!” You can listen to the interview here. Capital Ideas.

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