F2M Hires Pacific Northwest Region Manager
Forest2Market has hired industry veteran Gordon Culbertson to lead its business in the Pacific Northwest. Culbertson will be responsible for building relationships, guiding the development of F2M’s business and customizing products and services to meet customer’s needs in Oregon, Washington, California, Idaho and Montana. The regional headquarters office has been established in Eugene, Ore.

With over thirty years experience in the Western forest industry, Culbertson has an extensive background in multiple facets of the business. To read more about Gordon click here.

Our first product in the region will be a log and chip pricing service for mills and timberland owners and in time, we will offer our full suite of products, including customized metrics for customers, forecasts and other predictive modeling services. Culbertson’s extensive experience coupled with F2M’s transactional data is the perfect combination of talent and product innovation that will lead to a meaningful timber pricing and market service for the region. To learn more about F2M’s Pacific Northwest offerings click here.

Economic Outlook - [Excerpted from the August 2007 - January 2009 Economic Outlook]
Although gross domestic product (GDP) grew in 2Q2007 by a hefty 3.4 percent, high energy costs and the continued unwinding of the sub-prime housing problem threaten to place a significant drag on the economy; estimates for 2007’s annual GDP growth center around two percent. To borrow a baseball analogy, our analysis puts the housing correction only in the bottom of the fifth inning. However, shrinking imports and swelling exports because of the weak US dollar will remain a note of encouragement for domestic forest products manufacturers.

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Building Your 2008 Budget?
Reading about the affect of the sub-prime housing problem, weak US dollar, and continued volatility of fuel prices is one thing, putting together a budget directly affected by these economic factors is something else entirely. Let us help you make sense of the market for the next 18 months with the Southwide Delivered and Stumpage Price 4Cast.

Forecasting quarterly stumpage and delivered price forecasts for pine sawtimber, pine pulpwood and hardwood pulpwood for September 2007 through February 2009, the Southwide 4Cast can be purchased online and will be delivered in the next few weeks. Create your budget with the most accurate forecast available. Click here to place your order today.

F2M On the Air
Forest2Market President and CEO Pete Stewart recently discussed timber prices on the Alabama Forest Owners’ Association weekly radio show “Capital Ideas – Live!”. He said the housing slump was hurting the summer’s sawtimber prices, and he predicted that they would remain soft through most of 2008. But he said the pulpwood markets in the area are strong, and the practice of trading credits for carbon that trees absorb from the atmosphere can generate revenue for land owners. Click here to listen to the interview

Timber Owner Market Guide available online
TOMG subscribers can now switch to pdf delivery of their Timber Owner Market Guide. When you switch to pdf delivery you will receive a link to the current issue of the TOMG via email and can download your copy immediately.

If you would like to receive your TOMG subscription in pdf format via email link, please email us at [email protected] with “TOMG via email” in the subject line and your full name and complete email address in the body. Or call 704-357-0110 ext. 1.

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