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     Issue  30,  June 2011 

Land reform within the 21st century
by Gavin Lloyd, Lloyd and Hill
Gavin LloydSometimes seen as a variation of the four horses of the Apocalypse, the ravages brought about by either constricting climatic change, rampant diseases, unexpected migrations (wars) or competition for resources are often compounded by a selfish, corrupt government... (more)
Mobile mapping for surveyors - Adding value to your firm
by Altus Strydom, SAGI Northern Provinces Branch
Altus StrydomHigh definition scanning whether terrestrial, mobile or airborne has a wide application field in the survey industry. To simply ignore this fact and think that it is not going to affect the industry is a serious mistake. The survey firms that have started to implement this technology are already reaping the benefits... (more)
Bump in the road 
by Esna Swart, Karto Surveys
Esna SwartGoogle Earth, Virtual Earth, handheld GPS devices and mobile phone navigation have taken spatial information from the professional's desktop into the houses, cars and palms of millions of new users, creating a new global awareness of spatial data and global positioning... (more)
Introduction to lidar-based aerial surveys (Part 2)
by Dr. Adriaan Combrink, CK Aerial Surveys
In the first part of this series of articles the reader was introduced to lidar-based aerial surveys (LBAS) as a surveying technique, and the basic technologies and workflow of LBAS were outlined. In this article we will look at typical LBAS deliverables and applications. We will also consider the specifications of an aerial survey that a client needs to understand prior to commissioning surveys... (more)
Neural network-based predictors for seabed depth measurement
by Ghedhban Swadi, Dave Holifield, University of Wales Institute, and Ivan Jordanov, University of Portsmouth
Neural network based prediction algorithms have been applied successfully to many different applications, including speech and pattern recognition. In this article some of these algorithms have been tested on a sonar seabed mapping application using simulation platform... (more)
Revolutionising earth observation image processing
by Riaan van den Dool, SANSA


SANSA Space Operations at Hartebeesthoek, a directorate of the newly launched South African National Space Agency (SANSA) recently acquired a high performance computing solution that will revolutionise the image processing capability for data that is received from satellite over-passes. The solution is based on Graphical Processing Unit (GPU) hardware obtained from multinational specialist supplier NVIDIA... (more)

Benefits of using rigorously tested routines from numerical libraries
by Rob Meyer, Numerical Algorithms Group


This white paper speaks to computationally intensive mathematical and statistical methods that are the basis of research and development of geographic information systems. Given the large scale datasets involved, it is timely to re-examine how computational frameworks are or are not designed for maximum performance... (more)

Optimising earthworks with DTM software
by Carel Viljoen, Model Maker Systems


To reach the optimal cost efficient construction solution to mass earthworks projects, an engineer must rely on reliable and accurate computer software for planning and execution of such projects.The most complicated and largest earthworks projects are often found in the mining industry.This article will look at using three dimensional terrain modelling software for the conceptual development of a tailings dam... (more
Improving efficiency with project based colour balancing
Information from Geosense


A complete, evenly balanced dataset created from aerial imagery acquired at different altitudes and across a range of dates is now achievable. Aerial photography specialists Geosense have successfully processed and balanced over 6000 frames covering an area of over 4000 km, flown at various altitudes with a range of ground sampling distances from 5 to 25 cm. The captured data was processed and colour balanced within a few days of acquisition... (more

Preventing close encounters of the orbiting kind
Information from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory


Hundreds of active satellites as well as tens of thousands of pieces of space junk - defunct satellites, bits of booster rockets, and lost astronaut tools - orbit Earth.Livermore researchers are designing simulations and other tools to help prevent collisions in space... (more
Traffic monitoring via satellite
by Stefan Baumgartner and Gerhard Krieger, German Aerospace Centre


Traffic monitoring from space, day and night, from more than 500 km up above; is that possible? Indeed it is. At the German Aerospace Centre (DLR) Microwaves and Radar Institute a special traffic processor for the German TerraSAR-X/TanDEM-X radar satellite constellation has been developed... (more

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- Land reform within the 21st century
- Mobile mapping for surveyors
- Bump in the road
- Introduction to lidar-based aerial surveys
- Neural network-based predictors for seabed depth measurement
- High performance computing to revolutionise earth observation image processing
- Benefits of using rigorously tested routines from numerical libraries
- Optimising earthworks with DTM software
- Improving efficiency with project based colour balancing
- Preventing close encounters of the orbiting kind
- Traffic monitoring via satellite
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