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 Issue 20 March 2010 

Not a day too soon
by Gavin Lloyd, SAGI
Gavin LloydIn June last year, I attended a small conference in Pretoria to discuss progress in land reform. Several significant academics attended as well as a good selection of middle management officials from the Department of Agriculture and Land Affairs. The day was spent peering into a Pandora's box of problems, impossible economics and the wanton waste of resources and public funds... (more)
Implementation of GIS in government institutions
by Peter Reinecke, SA Solutions
Peter ReineckeDespite the immense potential of geographic information systems (GIS) for executive level decision making, planning and many other diverse applications, these systems are largely underutilised. This article outlines some of the reasons for this and identifies the critical success factors for implementing a GIS in a government institution of a developing country... (more)
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Multibeam and sub-bottom profiling surveys for major port expansions
by Dr. Peter Ramsay and Warwick Miller, Marine GeoSolutions
Marine GeoSolutions was commissioned by the port authorities and project engineers to undertake a series of acoustic and sediment sampling surveys in Durban Harbour, to define the engineering properties of harbour sediments, and to assess the stability of various engineering structures within the port. Geophysical survey methods used included multi-beam echo sounding, side-scan sonar and sub-bottom profiling techniques... (more)
Useful measurements 
by Edwin Danson, C & C Technologies
The scientific quest to discover  the size and shape of the Earth can be dated to the intellectual studies of Sir Isaac Newton, published in Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica, and the first modern meridian arc measured by Jean Picard in 1669. In the following seventy years, various measuring campaigns were undertaken by the French Académie Royale de Science, culminating in the two most ambitious and extraordinary meridian arcs of Lapland (1736) and Peru (1735 to 1743)... (more)
Open source GIS education resource
by Tim Sutton, Linfiniti Consulting, and Nwabisa Kakaza, Office of the Premier, Eastern Cape

In the Eastern Cape Province there are still many schools that are
lacking computing infrastructure and teacher competencies in IT. In addition, access to the internet is extremely uncommon and most teachers lack access to even basic communications technology such as email. Those schools that do have computer equipment are often using out of date hardware and software on these devices. Because of these issues, creating a successful programme for the tuition of GIS in schools is no easy task... (more)

Getting geoinformation and SDI to work for Africa - Part 1
by Craig Schwabe, AfricaScope, and Sives Govender, EIS-Africa

African countries have been involved in spatial data infrastructure (SDI) activities for over a decade, however, recent studies have indicated that SDI implementation has not contributed significantly to ensuring that spatial information is effectively used in  decision-making in Africa. Africa needs spatial information to enable it to identify where the neediest areas on the continent are so that they can follow a targeted approach in addressing the needs of these communities... (more)

Methodology for deriving optimal exploration target zones
by Pravesh Debba, CSIR et al
Occurrences of mineral deposits, which could be in the form of mines, prospects or even showings, are considered samples of a mineralised landscape. Occurrences of mineral deposits of the type sought are used for training in data-driven predictive mapping of mineral prospectivity. Basically, mineral prospectivity mapping is a tool for delineating of targets, whereabouts probability for occurrence of mineral deposit-type of interest is high, which might warrant more detailed survey in a further stage of mineral exploration... (more)
Scanning a road 
Information from Faro 

Mobile systems for road mapping known as MMS (mobile mapping systems) have been in use since the 90s. Today, they are a cutting-edge technology feeding the demand for digital maps. Vehicles equipped with GPS devices, cameras and laser scanners for analysing road conditions are able to cruise along a road while gathering vast quantities of useful data. Road-Scanner represents the next step in the technological evolution of the MMS. Besides the usual devices for positioning and image acquisition it also has an innovative measurement device for helical scanning... (more)  

Product review: Altus APS-3 
by Shawn Billings, Land Surveyor
A few short years ago it appeared that the precision GPS equipment manufacturing market was going to be controlled by just three or four companies. Mergers, acquisitions and partnerships consolidated the market at a rapid pace, with no new companies entering the scene. Altus Positioning Systems is one company aiming to reverse this trend. Not just a rebranded product from an existing manufacturer, Altus is a brand new player and has developed a unique product to the market with ground up technology... (more)
GPS technology helps save southern Africa's ecosystems 
by Adrian Wainwright, Microsoft South Africa

An ambitious ecological programme aiming to save 60-million hectares of indigenous ecosystems is currently being undertaken by the governments and conservation agencies of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region and facilitated  by  the Peace Parks Foundation. The project includes bringing together the diverse systems and priorities of a range of disciplines across current borders, including customs and immigration officials, legislators, tourism bodies, local communities, conservation agencies and veterinary corps... (more)

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