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 Issue 16, Aug/Sept 2009 

Back to basics for education
by Gavin Lloyd, SAGI President
Gavin LloydAt the time of writing, a public debate is raging over the revelations contained in a draft Higher Education South Africa (HESA) report of the pilot assessments done of a large sample of students already accepted for tertiary education. Remembering that the students tested are the cream of the matriculants who have been accepted for tertiary education, the pilot results are quite shocking... (more)
The implications of monitoring 
by M G Livingstone-Blevins, Anglo Technical Division
Keynote address at the Leica GeoMoS User Conference
Mike Livingstone-BlevinsWhile there are a multitude of applications for movement or deformation monitoring, the focus of this conference, and hence the context of this address, is slope stability in open pit mines. I cannot claim to be a technical expert in the practice of slope monitoring, but I am fortunate in having broad exposure to monitoring practice on mines in numerous countries... (more)
Surveying on a major airstrip upgrade
by Clare van Zwieten, PositionIT
Clare van ZwietenA R700-million major construction project to rehabilitate an airstrip outside Pretoria is well underway.  The rehabilitation of this airstrip has included the construction of 23 000 cubic metres of raft foundations, the largest ever done in South Africa, in order to provide sufficient support for aircraft landing in the dolomite risk area in which the airstrip is located... (more)
Teamwork gets stadium off the ground for 2010
by Anthony Suskin, Professional Land Surveyor
Wherever you look around the Nelson Mandela 2010 Stadium there is dust and equipment. Just as you are set up and ready to take a critical measurement on which the accuracy of the entire project hinges your vision blurs, you try and refocus but nothing helps... (more)
The map scandal and the Methuen Map
by JP Pennefather, Professional land and mine surveyor

In spite of the fact that the British had been involved in southern Africa for the best part of the century, there was an acute shortage of maps available of the two Boer republics and even of their own British colonies. In Britain, this map shortage was regarded as one of the biggest military scandals of the war... (more)

Fuzzy logic: Identifying areas for mineral development
by Mandy Vickers and Gavin Fleming, Mintek

This article looks at the application of fuzzy logic set theory in GIS to identify potential areas for mineral development. Arc-SDM (Spatial Data Modeller) was used to assign fuzzy membership values to the selected criteria and calculate a combined output surface indicating the potential of areas for gold mineral development based on fuzzy set membership... (more)

Landform classification using GIS
by Karsten Drescher, Terralogix Consulting and Willem de Frey, Ekoinfo
Landforms form an integral part of the landscape; they reflect the influence of geology and climate on a regional/broad scale. The combination of landform and climate influences the development of soil conditions, which influence the distribution and extent of certain plant communities and associated animal assemblages... (more)
Mapping corporate social investment in South Africa
Information from AfricaScope

It is estimated that R4,1-billion is spent annually on corporate social investment. What the corporates need to know is where the neediest communities are so that they can effectively allocate their programme funds. An understanding of the demographic and socio-economic characteristics of communities in South Africa is needed... (more)

Using supply chain management to improve GIS units 
by Peter Schmitz, Logistics and Quantitative Methods, CSIR Built Environment
A supply chain consists of suppliers to a firm, the firm itself and customers at the other end of the chain. Goods flow up the chain from the suppliers, through the firm to the customers.  Information and money flows up and down this chain.  The management of this supply chain is known as supply chain management... (more)
Cost-effective integrated spatial systems for local governments
by Nico Elema and Prof. Louis  Fourie 

In order to assist implementers of integrated spatial systems to develop cost-effective solutions in their organisations, cost factors that influence such systems need to be understood, measured and managed. This article addresses these cost factors, and briefly discusses how costs can be understood and managed for more cost-effective implementations of integrated spatial systems in local government... (more)  

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- Back to basics for education
- The implications of monitoring
- Surveying on a major airstrip upgrade
- Teamwork gets stadium off the ground for 2010
- The map scandal and the Methuen Map
- Fuzzy logic: Identifying areas for mineral development
- Landform classification using GIS
- Mapping corporate social investment in South Africa
- Using supply chain management to improve GIS units
- Cost-effective integrated spatial systems for local governments
- Views, comment and opinion
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