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Volume 6, Issue 2
November, 2009
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President's Message: Developing the Professional
AALF Leadership: My Own Personal Learning
Resources - Blogs or Twitter?
Global Storybook: Hale School
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Share Your Expertise
ASB Un-Plugged Conference
Coaches' Corner
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Dear Colleague,

Welcome to the November edition of the AALF newsletter. This month's issue is focused on Global Learning Opportunities. As always, there's an insightful editorial from AALF's President, Bruce Dixon, who focuses this month on developing the professional. Susan Einhorn, Executive Director of AALF, writes about her own personal learning; Michael Valentine discusses the 1-to-1 program at Hale Middle School; and we have a detailed look at the American School of Bombay's Unplugged Conference. Also included in this month's newsletter are some of our regular features: Survey Says, and Share Your Expertise. We also have a new column What Blogs, Twitter pages do you follow?

Just a reminder: you can read each article in its entirety on our website by clicking on the link at the end of the article. You can comment or add your stories to any of these articles. We would love to hear from you!

Institute Announcement


Click here for more information.
AALF Announcement
20 YEARS OF 1-TO-1!

This year we will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of 1-to-1, and will be devoting an upcoming issue to this important benchmark. If you have any stories you'd like to share about the early years of 1-to-1, please let us know.
President's Message

By Bruce Dixon, President
Anytime Anywhere Learning Foundation
DixonIn recent months I've become more convinced we are finally backing up the discussion around the role of teachers from one of trade to one of craft; from one that is a job, to one that is truly a profession...with some serious action.  
I know we all work on the assumption that we are all professionals, but to those who honestly reflect on past performance, behavior and attitudes that might at best be an optimistic view. I like Richard Elmore's thinking in his comments that "education is a profession without a practice"...there is absence of a clear body of knowledge and a clear body of practice.
Click here to read more about Bruce's take on developing the professional.

AALF Leadership: Executive Director's News and Thoughts

By Susan Einhorn, Executive Director
Anytime Anywhere Learning Foundation

seinhornThis month I'm focusing on project-based learning. No, not for students or even the Foundation. I'm focusing on it for me. Early this year I signed up to participate in National Novel Writing Month, held every November. My project? I, and all NaNoWriMo participants, must write a 50,000-word book in one month (and a 30-day month at that!).  That comes to 1667 words a day for 30 days. Doesn't seem like too much, but that's on top of working, parenting, and community volunteer work. And it means writing 1667 words EVERY DAY, not just some days.

Why would I do this? I liked the challenge of setting a difficult but thought-provoking goal for myself and working to achieve it.  The NaNoWriMo organization suggests participants tell everyone they know that they're participating in this month-long event so they're motivated to continue if, for no other reason, than to save face.

Click here to read more of Susan's thoughts on her personal learning.


Where do you go to find new ideas: Twitter or a Blog? This month we have compiled a list, in no particular order, of some of our favorite Blogs and Twitterers. Click on the titles to go to the blog sites or click on the Twitterers' names to be directed to their Twitter pages.

  1. Weblogg-ed by Will Richardson

  2. Connectivism by George Siemens

  3. Open Thinking by Alec Couros

  Click here to read more of our Blogs and Twitterers list!

We will be repeating this column in upcoming newsletters, but we need your help. Please share your favorite blogs and Twitterers with us here, and maybe we will feature them in our next issue!

Global Storybook

By Michael Valentine, Head of Middle School
Hale School, Perth, Australia.

hale school
Hale School, a large independent boys' school in Perth, Australia, has taught boys for generations. In 2003, Hale School introduced a 1-to-1 notebook programme in Years 7, 8 and 9. I lead the introduction of the 1-to-1 programme in Year 7 in the Junior School in my dual role as Year 7 teacher and Head of Junior School.  I've now been appointed the inaugural Head of Middle School at Hale School, which will cater to 400 boys in a purpose built centre comprising Years 7 and 8.

Click here to learn more about Hale Middle School's 1-to-1 program.
Polls and Results
A+ grade

Which professional learning programs have been most beneficial to your development as an educator? Let us know your thoughts by responding to a 10-second poll we have posted on our new site (scroll down the homepage).

We will share more survey and poll results in upcoming issues, so stay tuned!

Thank you for participating!

Questions from the Community

A  gradeThis month, we have two questions we would like to pose to our AALF community. If you have any experience or thoughts on the questions below, please respond by following the link to the discussion boards!

1) Do you think 1-to-1 decreases opportunities for collaboration? Please click here to share your thoughts.

2) Do you have any experience in using iPods in the classroom as a teaching tool, or have you ever considered using them? If so, please click here, and share your knowledge with the AALF community.

Are you implementing a 1-to-1 laptop program and struggling with a specific issue? Do you have questions about policies, communicating with parents or the community, AUPs, professional development, or any other issues that you are facing in implementing anytime, anywhere learning in your school or district?

If your answer to that question is yes, let the AALF community help. Send your questions to AALF, and we'll post them both in our newsletter and on the AALF web site.  Although we may not be able to post all your questions, we'll try to post as many as we can.


ASB logoThe American School of Bombay hosts ASB Un-Plugged, an international One-to-One learning conference that takes place once in every two years. We invite you to the American School of Bombay, Mumbai, India from February 24th to 27th to immerse yourself in the world of learning with laptops and tablets. ASB Un-Plugged 2010 is being organized in collaboration with the Anytime Anywhere Learning Foundation (AALF), the Near East/South Asia Center of Overseas Schools (NESA), and The Laptop Institute.

The conference is an all-in-one learning opportunity for audiences ranging from classroom teachers to technology directors and coordinators, from principals, superintendents and business managers to tech support teams. ASB Un-Plugged 2010 is for those who wish to understand how schools around the world and their students and educators have embraced innovation, change, and leadership in education for the 21st century. Hear educators and students sharing their best practices, strategies and techniques, ideas and applications that have proven to be successful in a one-to-one environment. Learn about the administration of one-to-one programs-launching a program, professional development, classroom management, responsible use policies, community support, resources, and support structures. Educators present their experiences and ideas through Hands-on Institutes, Workshops, and Job-Alike sessions.
Our conference speakers include Scott Klososky, Doug Johnson, Dr. Helen Barrett, Dr. Scott McLeod, Bruce Dixon, and Susan Einhorn. A Flat Classroom Workshop will also take place during the conference. The workshop will be facilitated by Julie Lindsay, Vicki Davis, and Bernajean Porter. The Flat Classroom project is a ground breaking, internationally recognized project which combines students from various cultures, countries, and backgrounds into a meaningful collaborative writing and digital storytelling project to study the trends in information technology.)

AALF will be holding a pre-conference workshop on February 24, 2010 for schools who are interested in initiating, building, and launching 1-to-1 Laptop/Tablet programs. Bruce Dixon, 1-to-1 pioneer, and Susan Einhorn, the Executive Director of the Anytime Anywhere Learning Foundation, will guide participants through the complex process of envisioning and deploying a 1-to-1 program at your school. This pre-conference workshop will help set the ground work for building a program at your school as well as setting a context for many of the sessions at the Un-Plugged Conference.

Mark your calendars for this learning journey to learn and examine best practices and essential conditions for building a 1-to-1 learning environment that is focused on enhancing student learning. Additional conference details are on the ASB Un-Plugged NING. Join the ning and begin to make connections with educators around the world. Registration is now open!

Please click here for further information, or to register.
Coaches' Corner

AALF coaches provide support for educators at all levels and, working either individually or in expert teams, coaches and consultants support educators and policy makers at every phase of their 1-to-1 initiative. This includes creating a vision, designing appropriate goals, translating plans into action, choosing the most effective technology tools and designing technology support, providing professional development opportunities, and using data to reflect on the effectiveness of their program.

 Working with individual leaders and teams of educators, AALF coaches incorporate:
  • Face-to-face and additional communication sessions
  • Online learning opportunities
  • The use of Web 2.0 online collaborative communication tools such as blogs and wikis
  • Professional development support with AALF associates who are currently working in highly effective 1-to-1 schools.

For additional information regarding AALF coaching support, go to the Coaching and Mentoring Services page of our website, or contact Susan Einhorn at seinhorn@aalf.org
Online Institute Announcement


Laptops + EL Students = A Winning Combination
The laptop is a powerful tool for supporting EL students as they develop their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.  This online institute will focus on the best practices of effective 1-to-1 teachers that support EL students in their learning and achievement. It will be led by Karen Ward, experienced laptop teacher and coach for AALF, Central Valley Educational Leadership Institute (CVELI) at California State University Fresno, and Springboard Schools, a California non-profit educational organization.

In this online course, each participant will:

  Learn about 1-to-1 pedagogy and accompanying practices that result in highly effective instruction for     EL students.
  Examine best practice models of 1-to-1 teachers that ensure success.
  Use the tools provided during the session to apply what they have learned to their work.
  Apply what they have learned to answering the following questions:

This online institute will run in the month of January, however the exact date and time of this event is still to be determined. We will post this information on the Events page of the AALF website very shortly, so please check back regularly! We hope you will join us!

If you have any questions about this institute please contact us.

Conferences, Institutes, Academies and Events

Check Events on the AALF website regularly to learn of other events at which AALF leaders will be speaking or leading workshops. We look forward to seeing you there!

AALF Next Steps Institute: Laptops + EL Students = A Winning Combination
Check AALF's Events listing regularly for more details!

FEBRUARY 25-27, 2010
ASB Un-Plugged: International One-to-One Learning Conference, Mumbai, India.
Organized in collaboration with the Anytime Anywhere Learning Foundation (AALF), the Near East/South Asia Center of Overseas Schools (NESA), and The Laptop Institute.

AALF will be hosting a "21 Steps for 21st Century Learning Workshop" on February 24, 2010. 

Do you have an upcoming 1-to-1 event you would like to share with other newsletter readers? Contact Justina Spencer for information on posting these events.

AALF Worldwide Networking
A+ grade
Our AALF worldwide newsletter readership continues to grow. In the past year our foundation enrollment and readers have grown to over 2,500 members. This is exciting news and certainly provides evidence about the relevance of 1-to-1 learning across continents!  As our audience and support continues to grow, we are anxious to provide timely and relevant information regarding 1-to-1 learning and schools around the world. With this in mind, I would like to invite foundation members to get involved with the production of this monthly publication. There are several ways you can contribute to this important work:
  • Get involved with a RTA group (Research-to-Action); these groups will continue to contribute to the '1-to-1 Leadership and Learning' column which explores 'best pedagogical practices'
  • Volunteer your school to be a '1-to-1 Global Storybook Spotlight School'; this column provides an in depth look at 1-to-1 schools from the perspective of leaders, teachers, and students
  • Volunteer to submit an article to an upcoming issue of the AALF newsletter.
  • Volunteer your unique suggestions; suggest columns or ideas you think would benefit 1-to-1 educators around the world

Please contact Susan Einhorn (seinhorn@aalf.org or 425.223.3763) if you are interested in any of these opportunities.

The Foundation thanks all its partners for their ongoing support.