a complete artistic and symbolic environment
created by CJ Hurley Century Arts

on exhibit at
The Portland Bungalow Show
May 17-18th, 2008

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The Arts & Crafts Movement: An Important Moment In Art History

Lecture by CJ Hurley                                                        Saturday, May 17th  7pm

CJ has been asked to repeat this popular and very important lecture.  A powerful and heartfelt presentation on the significance of the Arts & Crafts Movement in the context of Art History.  The discussion taps into the Arts & Crafts as a social reform movement and puts the ideals of the movement in the context of the international art world. 

Following CJ's lecture, there will be a wine tasting hosted by Oregon winery, dalla Vina Wines.  During this time, there will be the opportunity to ask questions of CJ and mingle with vendors.  At 9pm, architectural photographer, Alexander Vertikoff will present a lecture and slideshow titled, A Random Walk Through Wood Noise.

The Portland Bungalow Show
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Show Hours:   May 17th 10am -  6pm                                                            Location: The Ambridge Center
                      May 18th 10am -  4pm                                                                           300 NE Multnomah St.
Lectures:        May 17th  7pm - 10pm                                                                           Portland, OR

Admission:     Show admission $10.00 adults, $7.00 students with school id (email Barbara for 50% off coupon)
                     Lectures and Wine tasting:  $10.00 adults, $5.00 students

Barbara CJ Press Photo casual
CJ Hurley Century Arts

Historic Laurelhurst; Portland, Oregon 97232