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CJ Hurley is proud to be a Roycroft Renaissance Artisan, representing a 100 year tradition of fine quality hand-craftsmanship.

Dedicated to developing heirloom quality projects that are deeply meaningful and rich with historic integrity.
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The free standing pieces of art created for Falling Leaves are interwoven into the design of this special symbolic Arts & Crafts interior and enhance the enjoyment of the space as a unique experience and living environment. 

The three assemblage paintings created for Phase I of Falling Leaves are a narrative series, linked by poetic verse, and are part and parcel of the composition of the entire room.
The Suppression of Art's Flowering


Fated to fall as men of might
to vales of earth and sea and skye.
The wrath of fate to soothe and sate
as leaves blow passing by.
The Forest of Aimless Wandering

Aimless Wandering

Wandering the trail of shadows

I lasted 'til the bright of day. 
Before me broke a thousand paths
that led to myriad ways. 
And in the midst of those august roads
stood a cyclopean tree,
of mighty girth, the pulse of life,
and rife with falling leaves. 
Ascending from the mire


From this ancient forest set upon a road did I.
Over field, through vale, and moat I tread
with arms stretched toward the skye.
On my left crashed raging seas, and on my right roared fire.
Twas a narrow path traversed whilst rising from the mire.

The Art of "Falling Leaves":  A treatise on nature, the stages of life, humankind's relationship to nature, and ultimately, the quest for truth and meaning.

Learn more at our national unveiling of "Falling Leaves"
at The Grove Park Inn Arts & Crafts Conference,
Asheville, NC. February 22-24, 2008.